A man gets missing late in the night when he went in search for medication for his convulsing daughter. Years after, the search for him leads his daughter and his wife to the prison where he had been for years.




Lola waited for her mother, an older, beautiful version of herself, sit comfortably on the sofa opposite her before asking her:
“Maami, she began, intermittently distracted by the noise of her children playing outside,
What happened to my father?”
The other woman waited with her head bowed chewing the word meditatively in her mind. A tear or two forced their way into her eyes. She drew a deep breath. Lola who had not noticed the tears suddenly sees it and quickly rose to sit beside her mother, her hands hanging on her shoulders while she made her rest her head on her bosom. Her mother cried even more and she also joined in. They wept together for the sadness the topic brought to them. Lola, eager to find out what became of her father while her mother relived the anguish and loneliness the memory of her missing husband tortured her with for more than thirty years. The last time she saw him was the night he arrived late from work. Lola had a convulsion that threatened to take her life. He came into the house to find nearly all their co-tenants offering one solution after the other to arrest the convulsion that has taken possession of his daughter.
“What is happening here”, he asked with alarm, throwing down the newspaper he was holding. Everyone turned at the voice moving backwards to let him through but it was Moroun, his wife who responded, clutching her daughter, whose mouth was wedged with a large spoon, fearfully to her bosom.
“It’s convulsion o, I don’t know where Lola got it from”, she sang tearfully holding her head with one hand. He didn’t wait any further. He must get to any chemist shop for solution at once. And so he went but never returned.o

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