Why do men beat their wives? Could there be a good reason for that?



Why, because they are stronger and muscular! Wait! It is not all men that beat their wives!  Some men do. But why do they? Well,  there  might be some reasons for that. Whatever the reasons, are they justifiable?   A man caught his wife with another man on their matrimonial bed and decides to beat sense into her adulterous head. He used his bare hands for a while, giving her slaps and blows continuously before going for something  else like a belt or a rod. He beats her to the point of exhaustion. The woman gassed out before he took her to the hospital. Was the man justified for beating her to the point that she fainted?  What if she had died in the process? Will the law court dismiss him because he caught his wife in a compromising position and decided to deal with her? How about  a woman using abusive words at her husband because she perceived he was spending more time outside the home with other women?  What if the man got angry and decides to shut the mouth of his prattling wife? Is he not justified? After all,  the woman was only suspecting. She has not caught him with another woman!  What if there was an argument between a couple about the husband not performing his duty as the breadwinner of the home and the wife used all the arsenal of hurtful words at her disposal  to bring her husband to reason?  Should the man beat her or not?  What if he decides to beat her or even gave her a resounding slap in the face. What if the wife after the slap hold him by the collar and dared him to beat her some more if he was truly not a bastard? Would the man not be justified if he followed the bait thrown at him by his wife to beat her? Do women love  it when their husbands beat them?  Some women actually do!  It is a proof to them that their husbands love them! Some women don’t. A strike from her husband is enough ground for her to fetch her children if she has any and go straight to her parents pending when the man regains his sanity. But why do  men actually beat their wives?  Is it to tell the woman that he is still the head of the home?  Or to prove to the woman that she is dispensable?  Or rather instill fear in her never to confront him or try to wrest the staff of authority from him?  Does beating  one’s  wife have direct effect on the man?  Does it reduce the quality of that man?  Does it make him less of a man? What implications does beating one’s  wife have on the children?  Does it affect their psychology?  Does it make them more mean and aggressive especially when the child is a boy or does it make the girl child feel inferior to the opposite sex? Is beating one’s wife the best method to arrest her excesses? Men who beat their wives are themselves very sick and in need of medical attention. That man needs psychological help.  He has forgotten that his wife and himself  are no longer two individuals but one. If a man beat his wife, he is actually beating himself. He is beating down his progress. He is beating down his mental functionality and reducing himself to an empty barrel making the loudest noise. Most men who beat their wives are in most cases struggling with everything. They don’t seem to be getting anything right. They complain about everything and sooner or later they become embittered because no man who beats  his  wife actually enjoys  sound sleep or rest of mind. What then is the solution to this marital mess?  Dialogue?  But what if both parties have gotten to the end of their ropes? Should the marriage not end in divorce since it seems they can’t manage their mess? Why did they get married in the first place if they were planning to divorce later?  What was the thing they saw in each other when they decided they were meant for each other?  Why did those things fizzled out so easily from the marriage?  Was it that they didn’t see the  weaknesses in each other and how best to manage it before it became a mountain insurmountable?  What were those things they did that kept them wanting to see each other while they were courting?  Was the marriage made out of infatuation?  And if it was made out of true love,  where did the love go?  Truth be told, marriage is a lot of work.  It is like nurturing a child you love. You don’t cast the child away because it made some mistakes. Even if it does, there should be room for correction. Marriage is like two offenders learning to forgive each other. It may not be easy at first but by continual practice they grow to find forgiveness  easy and a necessity.  Problems emanates when anger and pride refuses forgiveness a place to stay in the home. When this is the case, the room is open to all forms of emotional and physical unrests. If this prolongs unabated, the marriage may end in divorce or one partner dies in the process.

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