A parasitic Generation

A parasitic Generation

Shittu Mujeeba Temitope

Perhaps you are right now wondering what prompted my title, or even perhaps, why make such a generalisation, without proper admonition for those who are earning it the right way. But i can guarantee at the end of this opinion, you might as well retract your steps and check if you are one or not.

Traditionally parasites are litrally the opposites of hosts, they survive at the expense of the host, this otherwise means without the host, there may be no parasites. The unfortunate thing is, they don’t return anything back, and subjectively, they are usually the receiver in a chain of communication, if i am to use that to stake my point clearly.

Being a parasite now, doesn’t mean you are an animal, according to biological terms, but in the realism paradigm, the moment you turn beggin, sucking, or asking into profession, without remorse, you typically are becoming an unconcious parasite. However as harmless as it might be from the initial stage, like relying on parents fro survival, asking your relatives for tips, due to natural conditions, to the residual level of of not being able to stand on your own, you are becoming a parasite as well. Well some of our relatives respond while some do not respond to your ever demanding calls.

Now to the streets of immorality, parasites exist everywhere, knowingly or unknowingly, a maid, male, or female, who lies with the wife or husband of those who cater for his/her welfare continuosly till the day of retribution, is a parasite. What Yorubas would call, ( Amoni seni). How about the ileginitmate source of income, the notorious Yahoo boys, they suck a successful client, until he or she has nothing to show again, a good example was a bideo that trended for many times about a white who was assumed to be duped. The scammers are parasite as well.

Let me quickly tell you a short story about my sister, young and adent, she was busy in the search if a better life, when she nearly fall prey to a demanding client, so as to be emoloyed, #21k was the amount she was asked to pay, before she could stand a chance of being granted an interview not even an automatic employment route. This wqs through a link she sent her CV to, but woulf you blame her, a desperate man is an hungry man.
But thank God a friend of her narrated her experience of how she has once fallen victim to this Parasites, and eventually, she escaped the hingry nets of this unforgivabke parasites.

From taking the little things not yours, to the prominent people of today, political leqders, promising what they wont do, to a boss who rob off the hardwork of her employees, down to lecturers who take away students effort in order to get between their legs, down to a cheating partner, who lives off infidelity in search of sexual pleasures at the expense of love and trust from one they lied, to the little tips you take frok your mothers hard earned money, we all seems to be parasitic in one form or the other.

In summary, Parasites are people who continuosly depend or rely on others, irrespective of this host condition they continue to live on them until they cease to remain the same in whatever condition they have met them, i hope you retract your steps if you have ever being one.

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