Adeola complete a circle: let’s talk about Iwa pelu Ewa

Perhaps the gods knew of my intention when they sent me to her “Orisun”, to do the needful, yea, but wait, it isn’t the needful in your mind, its the necessary thing of upholding national interest, I had gone to Osun on this day of July 2022 to observe an election, the incumbent, Oyetola versus the Adeleke, our dancing senator. By accident, I won’t be spending the birthday with Adeola mi own, beauty beyond rubies, but surely when am back to my hood, we shall dance to times aplenty.

Starting my appraisal of her might be quite enormous, but we must move anyways, Adeola, is unique. However, I seem to have lost touch with how we got along, in between the lines. But then all I can remember are memoirs that shall remain with us, eternal.
She was my student, though not directly her teacher, but that was where it all began, in Sanya, our alma-mata, but at different times and seasons, that was where life made us cross paths, and till current wave s, I haven’t regretted growing up with her.

It was the rainy season of 2019, I had seen the figure walk into the library, my office as a teaching practice student, she was a student who needed guidance all through. And we all know the difficulty in blending with females, especially considering the teacher-student situation. But I was more careful, and so was she.

And it went on for another year, in which a lot of things and memories were shared and kept for times like this. But quicker than I taught the school days came to an end, and our friendship blossomed into meaningful heights. Dear Adeola, I hope you enjoy the moment as it lasts, and I hope you keep the most important times for the days when your birthdays would have to be with your children and grandchildren, for by then, times like this would what you did reflect on, and you will either smile or shed tears. For we only live once.

Though young and tender, in the times we have known each other, the point of reference from all those closest to her is usually positive. It’s a world of hypocrites, and even worse friends who don’t tell the truth, Adeolas’ case seems different, from her very favourite school daddy, Mr Adekoya, from the debating days of successes and loses, down to the least of her friends, it’s all good narration. She carries this narration to me as well, and good tales are the jottings I have for her.

Iwalewa so do people say, but for me, I refer to her as Iwa pelu Ewa, ( good character and yet beautiful) there’s no denying the fact she marvels across the ten folds of beauty, faces fresh like the dews on a morning rose. Voice tender in which the ears caresses to listen to her speak, and skin, seamlessly soft and fresh as evergreen as a sparkling new infant. These are all vain premises, but good character makes them excel in folds. What else can a man ever wish for?

Now she clocks a circle, while we raise a glass, there’s a lot to talk about, and she quite knows this too, becoming a woman is different from being a lady, how much more leaning the girl hood, while we wonder what’s the difference between all this female differentiation, subjectively we both know what I mean. Yet life goes on.

Dear Adeola, life humbles us in many ways, and life will likely humble you in many ways too, surely you shall fall on some days, on other days, you shall witness rising, and on some other days, consistency shall push you through, on the days of trouble, I hope you understand what to do. When it’s rosy, remember it’s all temporary too. But much more it’s all about the way you fight the war, tactically and patiently. Ride on time chariots wings, and in due seasons all shall fall unto place.

Dear Adeola, I send you tales from previous birthdays, I send you wishes like the ones you had wished yourself from times before. I also take joint commendation in commemorating with you for the existence you enjoyed today. The maker who has given you chances to see moments this long. I hope when you celebrate in joyful glee, forget not the owner of fun and pain, and lose no hope in the ones whose mercies you enjoy.

Enough of motivation, for now, better birthdays ahead, But once I am back from appeasing the gods of your mother’s villages, I hope they listen to me and grant me my secret wishes. Half Lagosian half Osun, but stronger than both, you aren’t an underworld, but yet you carry the lycan line.

Dear Adeola, there are more times to bond together, there are more times to smile together, and it doesn’t matter what speed life journey takes, I shall always remember the little moment we had with fond thoughts. And trust me, it will not end, perhaps till death rends us to cut.

Meanwhile, friends and foes, colleagues join me in rating a glass of bliss, to a boss lady, intelligent and smart, it’s your day baby, may the sun shine on all you do. Trust me, all good things shall work your way just the way it has always fallen in place.

Cheers to greatness love, Iwa truly is Ewa.

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