Adesanya-Davies Commiserates With Victims Over Kaduna Gunmen Attack

Adesanya-Davies Commiserates With Victims Over Kaduna Gunmen Attack

desanya-Davies Commiserates With Victims Over Kaduna Gunmen Attack

Presidential Candidate of the Mass Action Joint Alliance (MAJA) Funmilayo Adesanya-Davies commiserates with victims over report of Kaduna gunmen attack report of 7th January 2020; as Gunmen in Kaduna, were said to have killed “about 35 people and abducted another 58, after suspected bandits invaded 10 communities in Chikun and Birnin Gwari local government areas of Kaduna state.” Could this account still be true under the watch of Kaduna state government of El- Rufai and the APC led government of President Major General Muhammadu Buhari in 2020? She required?

Yet, just yesterday, it was read the Newspapers headlines that, “Amotekun is illegal Security Outfit” and “FG declares Amotekun illegal in the South West region of Nigeria. A government that has shown itself, time and, over again, to be either unwilling or unable to protect lives, now taking umbrage at people’s decision to safeguard their own lives. The act of self-preservation, they say, is the first law of nature. No sentient humans would voluntarily choose to make themselves defenseless victims of armed, murderous criminals, irrespective of whatever! How? She asked!

Princess Funmilayo Adesanya-Davies says, this report of terrorism activities account in Kaduna is not just brutal and horrifying, but depicts a picture of a “land without a government, a people without any security and a vulnerable group without any form of coverage”. She recalls as it reads: “The gunmen were said to have invaded the villages and carried out the attacks on January 6, and subsequently demanded the payment of N100 million ransom for the release of their victims. The attacks had caused some residents to panic and flee their homes, taking refuge in government schools and other communities.”

“Speaking when Jonathan Asake, president of Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU), visited victims of the attack on Monday 6th at aschool, one Habila Sarkin Noma, a clergyman, said the bandits had call to say “we must produce N100m as ransom if we want to have them alive”.
He alleged that the suspects were herdsmen who have been attacking the villages persistently, and “would grace on our crops and threatened to kill us if we protest.”

“Sometimes when they attack and take captives, we will manage and pay ransom. Even after paying, sometimes they kill the victims,” Habila said. “But the attacks that took place on the 6th January, 2020, was the worst, they killed a about a total of 35 people and kidnapped a total of 58 people in 10 villages.” “He listed the affected villages to include Badna, Zankoro, Hayin Damisa, Unguwan Badole, Badimi, Kuderi and Unguwan Doma in Chukun LGA while others include Rumana Gbagyi, Rumana Hausa and Malomo in Birnin Gwari LGA”.

According to him, “the invaders came in hundreds and were well armed. Addressing journalists during the visit, Asake asked the government and international community to come to the aid of the victims. “As you can see from the way these people are, they are seriously traumatized and needed immediate assistance to be able to fold on,” he said. “We have been told that the suspected bandits destroyed all their farm products and also destroyed their houses leaving them with nothing to call their own.”

“Here at Ungwar Beji, there are about 200 of them with no food, beds or clothes while we are also been told that about 8,000 of them have converged at Buruku with nothing with them. “Worst of all, most of the children are sick. This calls for concern on all people of good will to come to their aid in any kind in order to give them hope of survival before steps could be taken on the area of their education.”

“Haba! how did we get here! Oh God have mercy! Yet no government is accountable or saying anything about Kaduna right now!” Adesanya-Davies concluded on a piece written by Majeed Dahiru on “BUHARI AND POLITICAL ISLAM AGENDA”: “The rise to power of President Muhammadu in 2015 birthed a far right political culture that sparked off a wave of ethno-geographic and religious populism across the Muslim north.” More than ever!

As such, “President Buhari’s reputation as a champion of political Islam and a defender of northern interests has been reinforced by his elevation of nepotism to a near state policy, which has resulted in the manifest domination of his Muslim northern section of the country over others in the scheme of things in his government.” How can they now be effectively in charge of Nigerian security?

“Now, Buhari’s provincial proclivities that has beatified ethno-geographic irredentism and religious bigotry as political virtues to be democratically rewarded in the region, whereas liberal nationalism is demonised as a vice to be severely punished. The Boko Haram insurgency, a section of the political… We can see the leadership of the Muslim North of the Nigerian state is watering the seeds of the radical Islamic ideology by concertedly pushing an agenda of political Islam.” How could they secure the Nigerian people’s interest they claimed to represent?

” In addition to the activites of the Boko Haram, just as Islamic State’s West Africa Province (ISWAP), the Boko Haram splinter insurgent group, committed to the establishment of an Islamic state in Nigeria through violent activities that mostly target Nigeria’s security forces, their Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) collaborators, international humanitarian workers, as well as the frequent abductions and executions of Christians, Hisbah; the religious police in some states of the Muslim north, are enforcing some operational aspects of the Sharia law, insecurity is thriving further as wel,l without any limits.”

“The continuous purveyance of the radical Islamic ideology of establishing an Islamic state in Nigeria by constituted authorities makes them complicit in the intractability of the Boko Haram, ISWAP insurgency and Fulani herdsmen militiamen, as their advocacy for the full implementation of the Sharia law, serves the purpose of radicalising millions of Muslims who have become willing to sacrifice their lives in the struggle.” How shall Nigerians be delivered from insecurity and political Islam we are this neck deep, and right in? Only the Almighty God can rescue Nigeria!

In retrospect of Kaduna village attacks, “On 23 June 2014, gunmen attacked the villages of Kabamu and Ankpong in Kaduna State, killing 38 people according to vigilante leader Christopher Chisom. Governor Ramalan Yero confirmed the attack, although reported the villages attacked as Fadan Karshi and Nandu. Then,17 villagers had been killed around 10 pm in Fadan Karshi. At 2am, 21 people were killed in Nandu by the same gunmen. “Many” others were injured, although an exact figure was unavailable and on, and on, no ending.

At another instance, on February 10-11, 2019, 141 people were killed in the Kajuru LGA of the Nigerian state of Kaduna according to the state governor, hours before the Nigerian general election. … An attack by suspected Fulani gunmen on Ungwar Bardi killed 11 Adara people. An Adara militia in turn attacked Fulani settlements. Fresh attack in Kaduna community claims 10 lives – Premium Times Nigeria 16 Mar 2019 reports: At least 10 people have been killed in a fresh attack in a community in Kaduna State, a local official said Saturday. Gunmen kill 13 in fresh Kaduna, Plateau attacks – According to Punch Newspapers 31 Aug 2019 · Also on Thursday, at least eight people were confirmed dead and five others missing after a fresh attack on Atakar community, Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State by gunmen, etc.

So, a government that has shown itself, time and again, to be either unwilling or unable to protect lives is rather disturbing! Where is governor Malam Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai and President Major General Muhammadu Buhari in 2020? All these accounts are to mention but just a few. “Kaduna crises of invulnerability and unending mayhem”. No special security squad for Kaduna state to-date! She thus commiserates with all the victims of Kaduna attack praying the Almighty God that rules in the affairs of men to rescue Kaduna state of Nigeria one day by Himself. Amen.

Comrade Kana Sani

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