But we know our own


I hope you read this, and re-read at later times

I hope this testing periods pass, with you still intact
With me, still loving at all bits
I hope the heavens make dry times wet again
I hope times chariot wings fly us, to what our hearts desire
Oh Solace!!!
Yet we know our own…..

In her majestic relics
Thousands at her feet, flocking to have a taste of her
Better than rubies, though troubling to the brim
But if i am irreplaceable to her by her choice
Would i not be so unfortunate to lose such a world

In my generation, this heart thing
Wrenches more quickly
The love stories ends quickly before they even began
People just fall with what they see
And curse their past in times of turbulence
A little dry-land then the hearts seek for newer pastures
Itunumi!!! Isn’t like that
Though with flaws unknown,
Her tender heart is forever unripe for evil…

Such hearts don’t break
Because they love differently
Better times would not take long to arrive
You deserve all that i can get
You er more than i thought
Though discipline in matters of heart
But everyday, i try better to understand you
We know our own”

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