handshake of relief :Non-governmental organisation delve deeper to uplift lives

handshake of relief :Non-governmental organisation delve deeper to uplift lives

Handshake of relief : As non-governmental organisation delve deeper to uplift lives.
By-Line:- Kareem Itunu Azeez

“ I don’t want to live in the kind of world where we don’t look out for each other. Not just the people that are close to us, but anybody who needs a helping hand. I cant change the way anybody else thinks, or what they choose to do, but I can do my bit”……..Charles de Lint.

The tragic state of today’s Nigerians is the fact that the incessant increase in starvation with less argument is on a geometrical progression, while the reaching hands, really isn’t on the decline, but on a metrical progression of +1 among every 5+ people who drops into the poverty level, even though more than 90million people are termed extremely poor in Nigeria, and currently as at today this are people who live on less than a dollar a day.
Amidst this scenario comes another beacon of hope, out of the very many we are used to hearing, making reference to the Practical Love Outreach, headed by an entrepreneur, Mr Akinbobola Tunde, who dims it fit to reach out to as many numbers as his time here permits him, and not just feed people with the spiritual foods as we are accustom to, but also reach to them, according to their basic needs, in terms of food, clothing, shelters and some financial assistance born out of sheer compassion.
The foundation originally created to help widows and less privileged: get back up in the train of life, where it’s hard stumps is keen as knives pushing them to the lower echelons of life.
Though the foundation can’t reach out to far beyond it’s capabilities could reach, and as termed by its humble engineer or let’s term him the pioneer, in this mission, how tasking it was, as written in his words, “It was difficult to gather them o because we were not trusted initially” “They were afraid that we were ritualist to use them for juju”
“So we had to go through enough stress to convince them that we were there to assist them. none would blame the reaction of the people of “Idi-Iroko” along the Ogun State axis, where the eagle eyes of the Government. overnment may reach but may not be capable to lift them out-of penury due to one economic trouble or the other, using today’s current state of the nation as a case study. Now deep into the depth of this villages as I termed judging by the images taken that one as well might be made to rethink, if waiting to be extremely blessed before touching a life is really a good tactic to be deployed while making people’s life a bit beyond the current.
Akinbobola and family, started this journey by what none knows, it could be by a call, or just thinking beyond the human level, and realised its time to touch someone, whatever the motive, some people has been made to smile. We do have many of this, kind of people living among us, but not enough and really meant for all of us, some of this charity oriented groups do this to popularise their fame, others to send their ministry aloft, but categorically base on intense and extemporaneous interviews, the reality is, it’s just a family initiation program, created also to tell those fit enough to do something similar who aren’t thinking in that direction to get to work also.

if at least there’s a minus of just 200-300 people, from a whopping population of more than 80million extremely poor people, the number reduces, if the current statistics is to be go by which is, according to the BBC, The National Bureau of Statistics said 60.9% of Nigerians in 2010 were living in “absolute poverty” – this figure had risen from 54.7% in 2004. The bureau predicted this rising trend was likely to continue”
if further volunteers are moved to do the same, then there’s hope for the beloved, which is the reason am using this medium also to invite Volunteers, who are ready to lift the glory of God among men in joining this program.
“It’s financially demanding, which is why our next visit would be a bit delayed, because we need to raise money, as the turn out would be larger than this maiden one. now we have created an awareness, automatically the people of id i-iroko would in mass expect our second coming “-Akinbobola Tinder. All this expenses are from personal money and it’s never as if individuals such as this are richer than some of us, which is another reason volunteers are needed, because they can’t do it on their on.
Here is the facebook page for the next visit and places to go hopefully volunteers can do the same or join the team.
Visit to like the Page-https://www.facebook.com/ploofficial/?referrer=whatsapp
going through the facebook page, here is what I did like to end the story with, “Don’t wait until you become a millionaire! Be a hearer and a doer. It’s far easier said than done, but it’s a goal worth aiming for. Many of the people I know have come to Christ from visually seeing the works of Christians in action. We can talk all day long using Christianese and spiritual terms, but until there is evidence in our lives that we mean what we say, we might find we have trouble connecting with others in an effective manner. Become amazed at how God can work in your life when you give Him a heart ready for action”

images are shared below about visits to Ogun State, by the Practical Love Outreach .

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