While we were away

While we were away

While we were away…….
When the eagles came to prey on our chicks,
They allowed us go, further along, we knew not.
Emissaries they sent us, to make sure we won’t return
Till evil periods are gone,
All had happened to us, terrible
While we were away,
They took our women, our home makers,
And our kids, lost into slavery,
Slavery of the mind, and of the soul,
For we have gone into foreign lands, seeking knowledge,
Seeking resolutions to our troubles,
But we came sitting on troubles….
While we were away,
Our lands were taken over by strangers, giants,
And the light we came back with, who then shall use it?
What is the fate of our unborn children?
Maybe we tarried too long, in hands of foreign men,
For we went to places where knowledge never lives,
The duties bade to us, we honor it not,
And the future of our sons and daughters we jeopardize…….
Just while we were away.

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