DIVERSIFICATION (A theme reinforced by Covid-19)

DIVERSIFICATION (A theme reinforced by Covid-19)

It is high time we take Diversification serious. This has been suggested by many people for long but it seems nothing is working out. Nigeria has for long depended on earnings from oil exports. However, this makes us vulnerable to changes in prices of oil in world market. This is exactly the situation we face again during this Coronavirus pandemic as there is a reduction in demand for oil and subsequently a reduction In the price for it. This is much worse for a country like Nigeria that depends on oil earnings to fund its budget. For how long can we maintain such a ridiculous mono cultural economy? This is largely the reason for the inability of Nigerian government to effectively procure necessary equipments to fight the novel Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria. This is evident in difficulties faced by most states particularly as regards creation of isolation centers and also procurement of necessary equipments like Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

A country that really wants to develop and be self sufficient must diversify its economy and allow for multiple sources of annual income earnings. Nigerian government needs to take decisive action as regards diversification of its economy. It is a pity that in this 21st century, we still import goods that are supposed to be produced locally from metropole countries. According to Nigerian Bureau of Statitics(NBC), The value of agricultural imports in 2019 was 12.7% higher than in 2018. It is very sad that imports exceeds our exports.

Nigerian government needs take investment in other sectors like Agriculture, tourism etc seriously more than ever. Recently, the National Association of Energy Economics (NAEE) held a webinar meeting with a focus on Nigeria’s deplorable economic condition. Prof. Akin iwayemi made a comment on the Agricultural sector.

Take holistic view of our production example in Agriculture. Add value to it and not the way it is talked about now… 

It is so sad that Nigeria do not produce some local food commodities like sugar,wheat flour,pork,palm oil and others. President Buhari has earlier ordered the closure of border in order to boost local agriculture particularly rice. However, such local industries should be supported by government particularly as regards closing the technological gap in production. Tourism should also be taken seriously. Nigerian government should invest more in tourist centres such as Erin Ijesha Waterfall, Oke Idanre Hill and others. New tourist centres should also be built so as to attract visitors from others countries who would love to see the beauty of our culture. South Africa makes huge money from tourism. World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) reveals that tourism is a major source for about 1.5 million jobs in South Africa. Our culture might seem normal to us but foreigners get fascinated with the African culture ranging from speech to dressing, historic sites and others. We could also make enormous money from tourism if given needed attention. 

Diversification is the key to robust sustainable development in any country. 

Kareem Taiwo 🖊

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  1. Nigeria is blessed with potentials to succeed. The problem we’ve had and will always have is bad leadership. The leaders who have been in power are recycled into power over and over. Thus, the same corruption that has been evident since the days of independence continues its streak. As a result, this corrupt practices rub off on the younger generation who come to see it as a normal way of life.

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