Humanity is all that matters

Humanity is all that matters

The theme of Humanity should really resonate in our minds, not the opposite. We need to accept the fact that we are human beings first, before we identify ourselves with our respective ethnic groups. The world today is in chaos in cultural context and it is getting worse day by day. It is a pity that humanistic virtues such as kindness, love, tolerance, benevolence is found wanton in many societies. Racism, tribal sentiments, ethnic affiliations prevails above any other thing today.

A lot of questions resonates in my mind when I hear about deaths that occur as a result of racial attitudes or behaviour ; Why is so difficult for us to live in peace and harmony?, Why must we harbour racial or tribal mindset against our fellow human? What has race got to do with work? What has race got to do marriage? What has race got to do with service to humanity? …. I really find it difficult to comprehend these questions. It is high time we all stand up against people who wants to disrupt peace and harmony in the world at large. Racism is undeniably a norm in many Western nations. The percentage of Black deaths as a result of racist attitudes is on the increase. Unfortunately we only know of the filmed ones not even those that died silently without anyone knowing.

No where is rasicm more prevalent and precarious than in United States of America. Blacks deaths keeps increasing everyday. Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign in 2016 really portrayed him as a white supremacist. His aggresive immigration policy against the Mexicans and muslims attest to that fact. 

Hardly will a day pass by without a Black black man being discriminated. Recently, about 3 weeks ago, a Black man, Ahmaud Arbery was chased and killed by two white men while jogging on the street in Satilla Shores neighbourhood in Georgia. Then I ask a question; What has race got to do with jogging? They claimed he looked like a criminal; Accusation without evidence or proper investigation ? Accusation that instantly leads to jungle justice? Self defense laws are now tools used by Whites to express their hatred for Blacks. This has to stop! Again recently, George Floyd, an African American was choked to death by a White Minnesota police man who knelt on his neck for about 8 minutes. He was seen uttering the following words; ” Please I can’t breathe, My stomach hurts, My neck hurts, Everything hurts, …. “. This is the height of wickedness. It shows lack of love, compassion or tolerance for people irrespective of their background. There are many more cases like this that did not made it to limelight. Black people now live in fear in many Western societies. They are being discriminated by Whites in schools, work places, restaurant etc. Blacks are also HUMAN BEINGS not animals!

Nothing good comes out from discrimination or tribal sentiments. The end result of such attitude includes murder, hatred, intolerance, fear, gun violence and many more. We should cast our minds back to Rwanda Genocide of 1994 where more than 800,000 people were killed. This was borne out of the tribal animosity and hatred between the Tutsi and Hutu tribal group. This is even much worse in Nigeria where tribal sentiments is inextricably linked to politics and economy. In fact, to become President in Nigeria requires one to come from either the Yoruba, Hausa, or Igbo tribe. This is a country with more than 250 ethnic groups. Does that mean that other ethnic groups cannot provide Nigeria with leaders that are capable and trustworthy? We really need to re-orientate ourselves. Racial or tribal sentiments is now a norm in many societies in the world.

We must all start to embrace humanistic virtues. It costs nothing to show love and compassion to our fellow humans irrespective of their race, color, or religion. We really need to fight for a world devoid of racial or tribal attitudes or behaviour. We are all unique in our diverse ways of life. Racial or tribal affiliations should not determine the way we treat others.



“The greatness of humanity is not in being human, but in being humane.” – Mahatma Gandhi


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  1. Nice one dear, it is really sad Infact the most recent in America is just so alarming and sad…I really hope that voices like yours are heard in the end and all this unfortunate happenings comes to a halt!

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