6 cost-friendly ways to revamp your bedroom

6 cost-friendly ways to revamp your bedroom

If being in quarantine has taught us anything, it is that our living spaces need to feed into us. Having a cluttered space or one that doesn’t reflect your aesthetic has become even less tenable while many of us have had to spend considerable amounts of time at home. To make sure that your bedroom is the best that it can be, here are 7 cost-effective ways to give it a facelift.

1. Get rid of some clothing items

Do you really need ten pairs of jeans if you only like and wear four of them? The truth is that keeping more clothes than you need can make organising your room a slog. It means more laundry, more clutter and less space. As much as you think you might need that ball gown for later, chances are that you won’t and it’s just taking up unnecessary space. But don’t think of it as losing something. Think of it as giving clothes you have outgrown to others who may give them a new life. There are plenty of ways to sell or even donate your clothes. Bless yourself with closet space for clothes that represent you best.

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2. Get a houseplant or fresh flowers

One of the best ways to liven up a space is to incorporate greenery. Having plants and flowers doesn’t only have an aesthetic purpose. It can have great mental health benefits as well. Being able to tend to a plant with watering is sure to brighten up your day. You can be as creative as you want with pots or vases by painting them in whatever style suits you best.

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3. Shuffle your furniture around

If your bed has been facing away from the window for 10 years, then maybe it’s time to switch it up. Try putting your furniture in different positions to see what opens up the space the most. No pressure though. You can always change it.

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4. Get a new bed set

You’d be surprised what getting a new bed cover will do for your space. Not only will you enjoy the feeling of rolling around in new beddings, but you’ll also be able to lift your space. You can use your bedding to leverage a shift in theme in your room. If you’ve always wanted a pristinely white bedroom then getting white beddings is a great anchor, to begin with.

blue bed and mattress with pillows

5. Hang up a new piece of art

There’s nothing better than looking at a piece of art that really inspires you. Whether you’re into graffiti or works that could rival Michelangelo, adding a new piece of art to your room is a great way to improve the space. You can also make it yourself. Let your creative juices run and create something that you’ll be proud to add to your room. You could work on a collage, painting or even a sketch. As long as it evokes positive feelings when you look at it.

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6. Make your room smell good

Candles, incense, a diffuser. There are plenty of ways to make your room feel like your own personal spa. Having one good candle that you can light to fill the room with an incredible aroma can massively change your experience of your space. It’s a great way to unwind after a long day, start your mornings or upgrade your shower time.

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