A love letter to hoop earrings

A love letter to hoop earrings

It is about time we pay homage to the indomitable hoop earring. Whether a small or large, shoulder-brushing hoop, this wardrobe staple remains constant in a way that can’t be said for many pieces of jewellery. Hoop earrings have graced ears from Nubia(present-day Sudan) to ancient Egyptian royalty like Cleopatra and Nefertiti. It now resides in the jewellery boxes and minds of many across the world. This rich history makes hoop earrings far more than just trendy pieces of jewellery. 

As someone who was once apathetic to jewellery, hoop earrings were my first shiny love. I was in awe of the way they elevated anything I wore. Hoop earrings are confidence as a piece of jewellery just as much as alcohol is courage as a liquid. I’ve now become accustomed to the feeling of a pair of hoop earrings resting gently on my neck and swaying with my movements.

The hoop earring goes with any outfit imaginable. We love them as thin as a piece of thread or chunky and loud. Adding a little last-minute flair to an office outfit? Hoop earrings. Do your casual jeans and a top need a little something extra? Hoop earrings. You really can’t go wrong. Hoop earrings are loyal and stick with you throughout all seasons and outfits. In the summer they are flirty, fun and effortless with our summer dresses and shorts. When it’s cold, they are a match made in heaven with our snug turtlenecks. With a hoop, you never have to wonder what kind of earrings will accompany your ears. It is always a given.

For all of this convenience, we forgive the hoop earring for a lot of its transgressions. We quickly forget the times when it gets caught on something. Forgotten is the pure fear that exists at that moment where for just a split second we wonder if we might lose part of our ear. Of all the things to have in common with Van Gogh, a mutilated ear is probably the least exciting prospect.  

This is not to mention the jigsaw puzzle that is putting on a mask over a large hoop and earphones. It’s hard to admit how many masks have unfortunately snapped as a result of this futile effort. You knew you shouldn’t have worn such a big hoop but you know that you will do it again anyway. It is always surprising to find that no matter how big the hoops you acquire are, there always seems to be someone sporting bigger ones. However, if your hoops can double as bracelets or chokers then all the added versatility is always welcome.



For all of its downsides, the hoop remains undefeated in the world of earrings. It scoffs at the fiddly nature of studs. Even the slight indication of a clammy hand can render your attempts to put in a stud futile.  Sporting nails longer than half a centimetre will also make wearing studs close to impossible. The conditions for putting them on successfully must be of scientific precision otherwise it will only result in frustration.

With a hoop, you never have to worry about stoppers seemingly disappearing into nothingness once they inevitably fall to the ground. Let’s be honest, you are tired of asking people to stand still so that they don’t kick your all-important but tiny earring stopper to where it can never be found again. The underneath of seats and fridges are your enemy in this case. If you thought that being without earrings throws your outfit off, try lying on the ground to retrieve a stud that seems to be mocking you by how far under the bed it has rolled.

In all, hoop earrings deserve far more appreciation than they receive. Imagine if you had to choose one type of earring that embodied power, self-assuredness and fearlessness. I’m willing to bet that it would be hoop earrings. In that case, why wear anything else?

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