Everything you’ll know if you’re on the fence about astrology

Everything you'll know if you're on the fence about astrology

There are three types of people. Some treat horoscopes like they are the law. They know every single one of their placements and how the most recent retrograde is affecting their mood. Then there are those who can’t think of anything worse than believing in this kind of mumbo jumbo. In the middle of the two, there are the people who may not be bothered to find out exactly what time they were born to get their placements but can’t help but find some astrology intriguing. For them, astrology is an occasional indulgence that they could take or leave.

1. You can’t help but read your horoscope whenever it comes up

Although you may not go out of your way to find out what the latest projections are for your sign, you don’t object to reading them when the opportunity arises. You may find some of the predictions hopelessly vague. After all, a prediction mentioning feeling low on energy isn’t all that useful. It’s a pandemic. We’re all tired. Sometimes though, there is a degree of accuracy that is unnerving and those moments keep you coming back for more.

2. You find your rising sign surprisingly accurate

You always knew that there was something that didn’t fully resonate with you about being a Virgo. Having a Cancer rising sign makes complete sense and explains why you’re such an emotional soul. It makes you appreciate astrology as a spiritual practice that makes people feel understood for their habits and flaws. When you look at it this way, you’re not so critical about being reduced to the singular trait of laziness just because you’re a Taurus. Even though you’ve spent the whole of today binge-watching Netflix, you are more than that.

3. You don’t know what the actual astrological signs look like

Apart from the obvious ones like Leo being a lion, you probably wouldn’t be able to match all the signs to their images. They also have actual symbols that you can only liken to Egyptian hieroglyphics. If given a telescope, you’d also be hard-pressed in trying to locate them in the night sky. Although maybe pollution is partly to blame for that. Either way, your knowledge of the signs is sparse at best.

4. You can’t keep up with who is compatible and who isn’t

You think that you’re supposed to avoid Scorpios but you can’t remember why. Or is it Libras? Does it matter? Perhaps this is why those first dates don’t seem to be going so well. Have they all been Scorpios? Needless to say, it is not a question that you would ask on a first date but it does cross your mind from time to time. You do know your loved ones’ signs and often read their horoscope alongside yours.

5. You know which celebrities share your sign

Virgos will never shut up about Beyoncé being one of them. Although to be fair, she has mentioned it a fair bit herself and even wrote a song featuring all the astrological signs called ‘Signs’.  While you may indulge in a little sign bias, you would never spend a whole day going back and forth on Twitter about which sign is superior. You would also never spend an entire day going back and forth on Twitter trying to debunk astrology. It’s a good balance.

6. You can’t believe how much money people make off of astrology

It is incredible to think of people using their hard-earned money to get full readings. You can’t imagine what it would take for you to not only give up your money but also believe whatever it is you’re told about the stranger you’ll meet next week that will change your life.  Then again, you still sometimes google whether astrology is real so maybe you’re not the target audience.

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