The University of Ibadan milieu last week was thrown into palpable emotional turmoil throughout last week, wrought by perhaps the most dreaded document amongst UI students.
It is a document supposedly non-existent among students, yet it enthralls all firmly in its unseen grip. Ostensibly, it is not meant for student consumption, but it is an accepted fact that all get to see it.

How can such an abstract material hold such a large population of students to ransom? The height of its bewitchment is usually at the beginning of the second semester. And it struck again, this time with an even more ominous emphasis.

There was a bar chart widely circulated across social media. It showed in graphic detail the abysmal results of freshmen, colourfully detailed, highlighting a woeful first semester performance across the all departments. Every year, it seems these newbies are the most affected negatively, and this year was no different, albeit in much greater proportion.

Of course, it was not all doom and gloom. The geniuses and brilliant gurus have cleared the plate once again, leaving crumbs for the “less privileged”. I say congratulations. May your neuronal synapses continuing firing at optimal velocity.

O ye freshmen! Arise and buckle your harness. Straddle your horses and master the reins, for the journey is only half completed. The beginning of the first race may not be delightful, but the finish line may yet prove to be triumphal. Just like the high ocean tides sometimes relay an ominous portent of a flood, this may yet be a similar harbinger, but whether of fortune or sorrow? It lies entirely in your hands.

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