On a cool Sunday evening, you take a look at your to-do list and promise to take on that project tomorrow (Monday). But Monday inexplicably rolls into the following Sunday and the task is still undone. That is a familiar feeling we all get from time to time.
They say procrastination is a dream killer. If you did not know before, well now you know. It is a sign of laziness, of self-indulgence and apathy towards work, and it kills your dreams.

You deceive yourself by postponing what is better done today, not knowing that the little tasks you perform today have more significance than the big projects you plan to do tomorrow. Why? Because you do not what tomorrow will look like. Why not take charge and just do it today, right now.
Our sojourn in life is an interesting collection of chunks of sizeable projects. If we look closely enough, we find that we move from one stop to another, step after step. Primary education, secondary education, tertiary education, a skill acquisition program, learning how to drive, learning how to cook, taking a vacation etc. Our entire life is a string of tasks, and most times one leads to another. But the impact of the past tasks on the future is often underrated.

No one really prepares to fail, we only fail to prepare. That assignment you never got around to doing, it became a part of your continuous assessment. The lecture note you never glanced at until the eve of the exam, it turns out the material was too voluminous to consume in one night. The inordinate number of classes you missed for that particular course? Turns out you never really understood what the topic was all about. Will it seem unfair if one actually fail that course? Isn’t it obvious that those simple tasks you refused to do at the right time culminated in your poor performance in that course? It is not rocket science, procrastination prevented you from preparing.

How can we eliminate procrastination?

First, you need to have a go-to list. Every moment, there should be something you ought to be doing. It could be observing a siesta, or going to lunch with a friend. You must have a to-do list that is congruent with your plans for every day. That way you can decipher for yourself whether the tasks you are doing are taking you towards your ultimate goal or away from it.

Another good way is to ask yourself at the end of every day what you did today to move forward. You will know whether it was spent totally on frivolities or you had meaningful accomplishments.
It is a good strategy also to take on the hard jobs first. When you see the easy ones ahead, you feel happy to take them on after your previous success.

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.” -Malcolm X
“Success won’t just come to you. It has to be met at least halfway.” – Frank Tyger

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