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I received his call the day before,

we agreed to meet today by four.

He said “come alone don’t come with a friend”,

I wasn’t sure but I came alone at the end.

At last, I was finally at his place,

the room was dark, I could barely see his face.

We exchanged greetings, I gave him the apple I bought,

this time I was nervous, sweating like someone that fought.

He placed his hand on my lap,

I tried to make him remove his hand anytime it made a way to that gap.

Soon power was restored, I saw his eyes, they were all red,

I was about to get up but he threw me on his bed.

He’d hit me each time I tried to resist,

hitting me so hard with his fist.

He made his way through me, I was all torn to pieces,

Soon he was done,there I lay hopelessly on his bed like a divorced Missus.

I cried for help but nobody heard my cry,

I thought of taking my own life but all I did was try.

I lay on the tracks but there came no trains,

Just me,my blood and my pains.

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