Chike walked in subbing, he wore a white native dress the type they call senators suit, a handkerchief with which he dabbed his tears. The atmosphere is tense filled with music coming from loudspeakers, people wore bright-colored dresses chatting and greeting friends and acquaintances. How ironic it is that his father has just been buried and people are in festive mood he thought, trying so hard not to think of the exorbitant demand that their Umunna had made as a prerequisite for the funeral ceremonies.

Turning by the walkway he entered into his father’s study. Bookshelves stood tall by the wall with pictures at strategic angles. By the window is the picture of this parent on the day they were invested with the fifth degree of the Knight of St Mulumba, just by the right side of the reading table  placed the picture of his father in Paris wearing a big smile with his hands extended as for a hug while the Eiffel tower shore from the background, their childhood pictures, promotions, weddings, birthdays and such other photographs hung strategically in the room; all these remind Chike of the type of great man his father had been.

A notepad caught his eyes and he decided to flip through the pages. opening it he noticed it was a diary his father kept during his early years, he glanced through some pages and stopped at one written; 20th Sept.1959 my convocation from the University of Ibadan.

Just when he was about to close the notepad, a letter fell out from one of the pages, picking it up he saw it is a latter the father had written to his uncle and he decided to read it;


             Federal Government of Nigeria

Ministry of Agriculture

Ikeja, Lagos

1st December 1959.

Umuezejor Obollo

Nsukka district



       Ke kwan how have you been, how is Mama and uncle Chuma hope they are fine too, kene lum ha greets them for me. 

  I want to inform you that I have gotten a job with the Ministry of Agriculture, the job came with a car, a house, a cook, a chauffeur that is a personal driver. Ralu  I now live in that white man’s quarters in Ikoyi,  because the colonialists are beginning to leave their jobs due to the anticipation of our country’s independence next year.my pay is good too.

Please study hard so you can study in the university too and come into this life because our government is ready to employ graduates and provide them with a decent life, upon graduation you won’t have to go in search of jobs. All you would have to do is write to different ministries and would be the pick.

    Ji si kwa ike keep trying, I would be in the village for Christmas.



Chike folded the latter, placed it  on the table and began to think how things had changed over the years and thought only if this could go back that way.

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