I left Kunle’s house on a Sunday morning with two of my kids, Uloma and Femi ending our eight years of marriage. It was never my wish to marry him. I was born out of wedlock and with Mom’s death, Grandma forced me to early marriage.


The heavy rain was just subsiding in our Akure home when Kunle staggered in in extreme stupor. Not that I can remember my crime or that there needed to be, he just pounced on me. This was not the first time he did such and  in fact, it had become a habit but this time I would not have it.

The following morning I packed my belongings and headed home with my kids and to all that awaits a single mother.


After two weeks of staying at home, I started trading Bananas at the A3 highway in my hometown Obollo. It was not so lucrative but I needed to sustain myself because my grandmother would not allow me to rest unless I go back to Kunle’s house and that I have decided never to do.


The battle between my grandmother and I continued. She would call me names and remind me of how irresponsible my mother was by giving birth to me out of wedlock and how I would end up like her. I could not endure this for a long time so after two years of leaving Kunle’s house, I left my grandmother’s house too.


I went up to Enugu the state capital and lived at No 80 Ugwuwani streets Ugbene 1 Abakpa. I sold Okpa at Achiapka in the morning and at T- junction in the evening. On national celebrations like Independence day, Children’s day, and rallies I took my children who were now teenagers, to the Nnamdi Azikiwe stadium in Ogui to sell sachet water and drinks. We sold at the cathedral during ordinations and at Assumption parish Nkwo Nike during cathedraticum.


I want to send my kids to the University of Nigeria Nsukka and I knew that these businesses would not afford that. I started trading Ogbono seeds. I bought my wares at Ugbokolo in Benue state. I went to  different markets to sell. I sold at Ugwuogo Nike, World bank market Orba Nsukka and at Newmarket just after Milliken hill.


This morning, after ten years of leaving Kunle’s house as I was preparing for the Uloma’s confirmation ceremony by the Bishop at St. Mary’s parish Trans-Ekulu someone knocked on the door when I opened it. Behold it was Kunle.

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