Williams drove out of the University college gate and headed towards the GRA , he could not understand this town filled with Yoruba Muslims with an emir, northern Hausa/ Fulani  are everywhere mixing up with the Yoruba and making it difficult to differentiate who is an Hausa and who is a Yoruba since  most of them move around on turban and kaftan  . The women cover themselves with a hijab. Form what he read about this town before coming to Nigeria from Britain is that ;the town was under the Oyo empire before the Muslim dominated it after being invite by Afonja to help him fight his enemies. Williams would have preferred to teach at the University in Ibadan but since he received the latter asking him to come over to Ilorin he accepted it with the hope that being a new University college affiliated to the University of Ibadan  , with  Dr. T.N. Tamuno as the principal; he would help establish the department of history.

At the Woods he noticed a young man that was always with Musa their gate man. Musa said that he was his friend and his name is Usman.  Since Williams needed help in his house he stayed outside the campus due to the fact that the campus has not built quarters for the staff. He called him and after he spoke with him for a while he decided to employ him. Usman although being a 20years old Hausa boy who lived most of his life in Kano could speak the English language to an understandable manner.

Usman has been a good help to Williams .He would wash the car, clean up the rooms and the compound, William preferred to cook on his own , sometimes he would give Usman his clothes to wash other times he washed himself. In the evening he would stand by the garden bare chest in shorts that went above his knees while he watched the puff from his smoke go up and disappear.

Usman like when William comes into the garden to smoke, he would sit by the boys quarters pavement and watch him smoke. He admired hair on his legs and the broadness of his chest; his nipples point upwards and sometimes he imagined what his genitalia would look like, would it have an  uncircumcised foreskin like his or would it be circumcised. Each time he would fight himself from having such thoughts, it’s haram to think about a woman’s body but is it haram to think about a man’s body?, why should he even be thinking about a man, it should be a woman.

One evening Williams knocked on the boy’s quarter’s door and Usman opened just to find him standing there with a new white kaftan, a cap and a prayer mat. Wear this tomorrow, we would go to the new mosques the emir built, the President is coming to open it for prayers , he said to him.

The commissioning ceremony of the new central mosque was a unique one. Different Islamic leaders came into the town of Ilorin; chiefs in turban were seen in the mosque. The president Alhaji Shehu Shagari arrived on a motorcade with security personnel and some Muslims. After the prayer there was a mini Durbar in honor of the president, the whole city was in a festive mood.

In the evening he heard a noise coming from the sitting room and decided to check what it was about. He looked through the window and saw Williams on top of a lady, the one he told him that her name is Katy, they both came from Britain. They were both necked, Williams’ waist moved slowly making a thrust in-between her legs; Katy’s hand wrapped around his waist while she moaned. Usman stood for a while watching this scene before moving back to the boys quarters.

Usman laid on his bed recounting what he had just seen, Williams body, his bare necked body, how Katy held him. He thought about being in that scene but not as Williams on Katy but as him as Katy and Williams on him, him holding his waist, how his body feels like, their lips locked together in a kiss and him holding William’s genitalia. Just then the Imam’s call for prayers Mogrib brought him back to reality, he began to think about what he had just done. Is it a sin to want another man, should he be wanting to lay with a man, this is not right he said to himself but he enjoyed the thought and knew he could not kill this inner feeling , this is not his first time he had had that thought, even when we er he always felt this way. He thought about Musa, Malik and all his childhood friends back in Kano that he had always wanted to touch their manhood.

Usman ran outside, did his ablution, laid out the new prayer mat ;Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar he began to pray.





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