Missing online Sunday mass for the third time on May 3rd and adding to the seventh week of not being able to attend a physical church, I couldn’t help but ponder out loud, “Is God not wonderful?”


It’s hilarious how we debated eight weeks ago during the get together at Irawo a University center of  residence for students in Ibadan that it doesn’t affect African due to the temperature. I had a good laugh with some of my friends in school calling it “ Chinese Virus”.

It was the end of the semester and all of us wanted to go home and swore that we would learn all the skills in the world only if the break could be extended by two weeks, here we are eight weeks after with no new skill.


Sunday 22nd March 2020, I was in Enugu for a conference, a conference I attended without the consent of my parents. It was around 7 pm when I got the news that the University would be closing down on Monday 23rd March and worst, my hostel has locked its gates too and here begins the dilemma. Should I remain in Enugu or should I move back to Ibadan and to Lagos? The virus had been reported in Nigeria two weeks earlier and now we are closing down the country. Only if the government had acted earlier.


I would get to Ibadan the following day to see my lover,  the reason I had insisted on returning to Ibadan. I left the following day to Lagos. To Surulere, a place, its environment, and people negate its name “ Suru-Lere, Patience Pays”.


Slowly, the big laughter died, we began to spend more time on social media to keep up with our friends, we tried studying, we hoped against hope that this goes away after two weeks.  Slowly our joy began to fade, we became rubber and mood swings set in, we began to find new hobbies in silence and solitude,  introspection followed by self-love. We discovered ourselves and lost it, we lost touch with our friends, the best I do is not to lose my love.


In Surulere, we have discovered that patience does pay so we resorted to staying up so late watch Tv movies and programs, trying to drive that family life and joy that comes with family life, thereby waking up so late too.  We would take breakfast at 12 noon and the next meal by 5 pm, a plan that came naturally without anyone making it or enforcing it. We hope this doesn’t fail too.


For the past eight weeks, I wake up just to eat, bathe, sleep to wake up again, and sleep back. We can’t take a walk. People move about  on all shades of nose masks in different ways and manners. It seems like all our hobbies have left us, maybe we just lost touch with life.


Sunday 27th April 2020, the president announced the ease of the lockdown not because the virus is gone, in fact, eight weeks ago we had less than 300 cases today we have over five thousand cases, so why the ease of the lockdown.


For the past eight weeks, we have seen different government policies. Negligence of duties from our leaders that is coursing us our lives.Dramas on social media, giveaways, and banters. Since businesses have shut down, people are finding new ways of making money and keeping their business alive. Webinars, online tutorials, and all manner of  things, I won’t mention the negative ones.


I have learned to appreciate life more, I need to love myself more and try to live my full potential. A Lot of movies I won’t have watched and enjoyed. I started eating Banana again, I have discovered a new me.


When the pandemic ends we must have become wiser or foolish, obsessed, toned,  or malnourished depending on how we are affected.


Jobs would be lost and more would be created for those who  used the situation to position themselves professionally. Career choices would change to more remote ones and so would the economy fall.


What would be the role of the government after the pandemic?. The officials would probably travel abroad to take the much-needed vacation, vacation from staying at home. If the oil price has not risen, there would be an increase in importation rates, taxation, and policies because they would have to keep up their flashy lifestyle without thinking of the masses.


University students would return to school, to bitter lecturers with an aggressive tone of teaching as though it was the students who caused the pandemic. The universities would be flooded by student entrepreneurs with all forms of goods and services. There would be more academic activities and fewer socials because there will be low numbers of sponsors and of course, the fight for rent between students and landlords.


Private school owners would increase school fees, parents would revolt but won’t withdraw their wards because it would be the same everywhere. 


Our lives would be further complicated. we would never be the same.



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