Sometimes, it feels like light has been sucked out of the world and leaded weights are holding you down. Days when you would rather sleep in than go to work. You would though, because if you didn’t, it would push you down further.

It was on one of those days you met her. It was lunch break and you were trudging to work from your favourite supermarket, a bottle of yoghurt in hand when you felt a hand on your shoulder.

“Are you alright?”

You turned around and saw a smile that rivaled the sun’s brilliance. It was as if the radiance had hooks because you couldn’t look away.

“Hello?”. The voice felt like velvet in your ears and you could already imagine how it would sound telling bedtime stories.

“Oh, sorry. I zoned out for a bit.”, you replied. “I’m all good, just a little bit tired”. It was not a lie, at least not entirely; the smile had lifted your spirits and you felt a lot lighter. She didn’t believe you though, you could see it from her eyes.

“Where are you going?”, she asked while rubbing her head. There was no hair on it and it was shining in the midday sun, like she just applied a dollop of Vaseline.

You pointed towards the roundabout next to where your office was located and she said she was going in that direction. You knew she was lying, her eyes gave her away but you agreed to her offer to walk together.

She asked some questions about you and you found yourself telling her all about yourself; the achievements, the challenges, things you’ve never told anyone. She knew when not to talk and what to say to soothe your heart when necessary, she was just so easy to talk to. When you found yourself holding your stomach and guffawing at every joke she made, you knew she was different. An angel.

Your angel was no runway model. Sure, she had smooth skin and a perfect figure to boot, but she was short. The blue flip-flops she had on was a stark contrast to her cream-coloured suit which fit her like a glove. With her overly expressive eyes, showing constantly changing emotions with the ever present twinkle, she was beautiful! Her smile was the cherry on top, it had not left her face since she started talking to you. You wished you could talk to her forever.

A glance at your cell phone revealed that it was an hour past your lunch break. You had to go back. You thanked her and she took a cab right in front of your office. It was after she left that you remembered you knew nothing about her; not even her name. You would forever remember her as the stranger who brightened up your day with a smile.



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  1. A wonderful stranger💝. Cheers to those who know who brings comfort via the simple act of smiling

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