My earliest memories of being sick are going to my mother’s workplace, lying down in the staff room and getting spoiled with treats from her co-workers; on their insistence of course. ‘Moimi’ could only afford to miss few days of work at a time and considering how frequently I fell ill, staying home wasn’t a viable option.

As I grew older, school became more appealing to me and immediately I felt a little better, I would tell her I could go to school but she wouldn’t let me until I completed the treatment and sometimes, when she was convinced I wasn’t lying.

It was one of such days and I had managed to convince her that I was fine. And I was. I had been home for two days and was excited that I would be going to school but first, I had to take the last of my injections.

We left home quite early to avoid being late to our respective destinations and when we got to the hospital, I received the injection like the big girl I was which got me a compliment from the nurse. We walked to the hospital gate and after waiting for a while by the roadside, we got a cab.

The drama started when I got to where I would alight. My mum’s workplace was ahead of mine, so I had to get down first. I got down and stayed down.

“Moimi!”, I cried out in panic. It was as if my left thigh bone was gone and my hips were going to go down to my knee if I attempted to stand up.

My mum got down and the cab sped off after some minutes of the passengers sympathizing with me. ‘Moimi’ carried me on her back and we started on our way home which was thankfully not far. She consoled me most of the way because I figured I was handicapped and already saw myself begging for alms by the road side which led to my refusal to stop crying.

When we got home, she dropped me on the bed and it wasn’t long before I fell asleep. My leg was back to normal when I woke up and with joy in my heart, I ran out to tell everyone. I wondered what would have happened if grandma wasn’t home and we had taken my baby sister with us.



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