“But how?!”, I thought exasperatedly.

It was one of those days classes were extremely stressful and I felt what I needed was sugar. I did not take carbonated drinks, so I decided to buy strawberry flavored pure bliss wafer. It was when I dipped my hand into my purse and came up with twenty naira notes that I realized I had spent my one week budget in four days.

I went to my room, without the pure bliss of course, racking my brain for what I spent the money on.

“Why do you look so serious?”, my roommate asked. Although we only started staying together a month ago, she knew how rare those serious faces were.

“Nothing o, I’m just trying to remember what I bought at the market yesterday. It’s like there’s a hole in my purse”

I plunked my bag on my reading table and took out my pen and jotter which I opened to the page where I wrote my shopping list. I checked all the items I bought and added the purple chiffon scarf and beaded hijab pins I couldn’t help buying to the list.

“You know you could avoid this kind of situation by documenting your daily expenses, right?”

“What?”. My ears perked up. At this point, I would listen to anything, anything at all to ease the stress I was under.

“That small blue book I always carry about, you know it?”. I nodded affirmatively; I once made a joke about it being her twin sister. “It’s where I record my expenses and I do it immediately I can to avoid stories that touch. That way, I can track what and how I spend my money and what to cut back on.”

“That makes a lot of sense. Thank you”, I said, a little relaxed. “It remains the spending anyhow o. I write down all I want to buy and when I get to the market, my brain just flies away and I start buying other things. I’m tired jàre.”

“That one is not hard now. Next time you’re going to the market, just take money that will be enough for what you want to buy and cater for any increase in price, no more. You sha cannot spend your transport fare on something else.”

“Mama the mama! Come be my financial counselor now”, I said jokingly even though I meant it.

She flipped her hair and moved to her bed while laughing. “Only if you will pay”



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