I couldn’t wait to get home. I had had an extremely stressful day at work and I was dragging my tired self home, hoping to take a shower and get the much-needed rest; and wash my hands. Only God knows how many people I have come in contact with today, indirectly of course. I love myself too much to be touching random people. Apart from its being disgusting (Hello, I don’t know where you have been.), it’s a death wish with uncle Corona on the prowl. I didn’t touch them but I touched their money. Sanitizer is now gold so, hand washing it is. If only I could change my job.

I was just about to turn to the path that led to my house when I noticed a billboard with a picture of beans and fried plantain. It was advertising a restaurant called “gbádùn ẹ̀mí ẹ”. I wished I could get a plate of that goodness. Since it didn’t seem like I would, I settled for staring longingly at it. I don’t know how long I stood there but at some point, I could swear I felt the taste in my mouth. Away with you, village people!

I was about turning around when someone grabbed my hand and dragged me aside. I froze. “Háà, I’m dead!” A coronavirus jingle I heard last week started playing in my head and I whipped my head up so fast that I heard a sound in my neck.

“Are you trying to be mad or you’re already mad? Why would you touch me? Why?”, I yelled angrily. I knew there was an ugly snarl on my face at this point but I could care less. I went on and on. I asked if he thought I would follow him if he touched me and told him his juju would not work on me.

The fact that he wasn’t talking infuriated me the more but after a while, I calmed down. I asked for an explanation and he pointed to a ditch, right beside where I was before he dragged me. I would have fallen into the pit since I wasn’t exactly paying attention and my eyes were glued to the “love of my life”. Then, the guy pointed to his mouth and shook his head.

I would have gladly fallen into the ditch if I could avoid how I felt at that moment. I just insulted the life out of my helper and got angry because he wouldn’t talk, couldn’t talk. I stammered out an apology and what did he do? His lips turned up in a heart-melting smile before he went on his way.

I wished I had been more patient.

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