“What’s wrong?”, my younger sister asked with a frown. She had been trying to talk to me for a while but I only gave her one-worded answers. I wasn’t in the mood for any conversation, so I pretended to be engrossed in the book I held.

“You’re ignoring me àbí?” She had done her one-legged dance steps which never fail to make me laugh except today. She had also tried telling me about someone who flunked their interview. Now, it’s the guilt trip. “If you’re ignoring everyone, are you supposed to ignore me? Your plantain chip? Ó dáa o”

I almost smiled. I had started calling her plantain chip after she told me she felt she was competing with dodo for my love.

She sat beside me and started singing in her annoying voice. I knew she wouldn’t stop until I said something.

“Fine, fine!”, I sighed as I dropped the book. “It’s the job I applied for, I got a rejection mail this morning. I thought…”, I stopped to keep the tears at bay.

“Aww, my poor baby”, she said before taking me into her arms.

“Shift jọ! Who is your baby? Five years no be beans o”, I threw my pillow at her. As if on cue, we started laughing and throwing pillows at each other.

She suddenly became serious. “You know you are awesome, right?”. I nodded. “Good, don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t worry, another one will come through.”

I knew I was qualified for that job; my CV was impressive and the interview was a walk in the the park. It wasn’t a surprise I wasn’t employed though it hurt. Mr Idowu, the HR manager had made suggestive comments and not one to condone such, I had put him in his place. I wonder how he got the other interviewers on his side because they seemed to like me.

I felt lighter and more confident. It wasn’t about what she said. It was the fact that she cared enough to want to know what was wrong. That she could bring me out of a bad mood. That no matter what happens, she would always have my back.


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