Scam Alert


The sounds of shuffling feet, turning pages and the occasional shout from someone’s room disturbed the quiet atmosphere of the reading room, just the way I liked it – not loud and not too quiet. The only annoying part was the girl at the door receiving a call. I have no idea why I was drawn to what she was saying when it was easy for me to tune out noise.

I could only hear her part of the conversation and it wasn’t long before I realized that she was about to be scammed. It was one of those fake bank customer care agents and she seemed to have taken their bait.

I wanted to warn her, I really wanted to but in the first instance, I wasn’t supposed to be listening. I also felt it was too common a trick for anyone to fall for. It didn’t help that my crush chose that time to call. The bubbles in my chest washed away any concern I had for her.

After my call, I overheard her talking to some people about how the guy swiped the two thousand naira she had left in her account after she gave him her account number and pin. The only consolation was that she had just withdrawn the money she needed to pay some bills.

I felt guilty knowing I could have stopped the unfortunate incident but she wasn’t blameless either. Why would anyone give out such sensitive information out? Well, I guess some situations just make a fool of you. The episode reinforced my resolve to stop making assumptions

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