You couldn’t sleep that friday night even though it was late. You had had a stressful day at work and you kept telling anyone who would listen how you would sleep throughout the weekend, but there you were. After several minutes of keeping your eyes closed without feeling sleepy, you finally gave up.

You got up, picked up your phone from the stool beside your bed and opened your whatsapp messenger. With your legs propped on the wall, you started going through the statuses people updated. You laughed, smiled, shook your head and hissed until you came across one.

It read “It has become so hard to do anything, breathe even. Maybe, just maybe it’s time to leave” and had a link to a facebook post. You clicked on it. The post was a more comprehensive version of the one you read, detailing how bleak and hard things were.

The author was a friend of yours who writes really well. You were skeptical; it might just be a writer doing his thing, it might not be his reality. But what if it was?

You went back to whatsapp, chatted him up and asked if you could call him. He replied in the affirmative, so you did. You asked if he was fine and why he wrote something like that. He wouldn’t tell you anything but his voice was quite unlike the firm and loud one you know, so you asked about his day. You talked about yours too.

After some minutes, he told you about his mental health struggles and how it seemed to have gotten worse lately. He talked about how he was having trouble doing the smallest of things. He said the writeup was his way of letting it out when it becomes overwhelming but sometimes it didn’t help.

While you listened, you thought back to the comments on the Facebook post. “Deep”. “Nice one”. “Aww, I am so emotional right now”. “Gosh, you are such an awesome writer”. The reactions too were not much different, a lot of people liked and loved it. “If only they know”, you thought.

You listened to him talk and refrained from telling him what he should do even though it was on the tip of your tongue. The more he talked, the less shaky his voice became. When he stopped talking, you told him he could call you anytime and promised to see him in the morning.

You rested your back on your bed and with prayers for him, you soon slept off.


The author was a friend of your who writes really well. You were skeptical; it might just be a writer doing his thing, it might not be his reality. But what if it was?

You left a comment on the post “It’s dark 😑 but well written. Kudos” and you continued scrolling.

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  1. I don’t want to say this is deep, aww, or nice one I’m so emotional right now. Let me say it’s Dark but well written. Okay hope you’re fine sha?😇

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