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        My afternoon is dark but, the night was bright because you were right here in my arms all night long until you left in the morning. 

My favorite sound was hearing you giggle to those dry jokes I usually make.

My favorite sight was watching you dance to the rhythm of my heartbeat whenever you touch my chest.

My favorite words were the ones that came from the silence of your mouth but the whispers of your heart telling me how lucky you are to have me whenever you stare at my eyes.

The best moments of my life are the ones that contain the memories of you in them, though the memories now constitute felony against my peace.

If the same water that saves man from dying dehydrated was capable of causing death of millions in the Noah’s day, then why on earth would someone say love is not capable of causing hatred this much.

If the same one, who used to need me the most like oxygen in the abyss of the ocean, can end up turning against me like negative energy of electron on proton, then I will never be surprised Absalom betrayed his father.

If the voice that often soothes my eardrums now shoots it and the touch that once nurtured my soul now tortures it, then it won’t be unexpected of Delilah to betray Samson.

If the sight that once brought joy and the hug that sends shiver down my spine now sends agony down my heart, then little am I surprised that Lazarus can ever sell out his rabbi.

When the same hand that once wiped drops of tear off my face now end up causing me to cry ocean, when the same hand that carried me in his hand from dashing my foot on pebbles now push me off a precipice, then it won’t be more than one bargained for to hear that water that abodes fish can also end up been implored in cooking it.

What a pathetic world we live in!!!

They said, once it is out of sight, it is likely to be out of mind, but the farther it stays out of my sight the closer it draws my mind to you and the crazier that drives me. They say floating bubble is extremely fragile, but I guess heart is much more feeble than bubble because once broken all that is left are nothing but pieces to be patched together like Lego house and at times just the ashes from the cremated ones.

If my love life is a journey, right now I think I have reached a final destination because the ship has been wrecked by a raging storm of disappointment and I am only left to live on this island in my own desolate.

All I have to write on the sand of the beach for the wave to wash far away is THE MEMORIES WE SHARED AND THE KNOWLEDGE OF HOW TO FALL IN LOVE AGAIN, likewise, on the sand of time will I boldly inscribe this little advice for the generation of lovers to come; BUBBLE IS STUDIER THAN HEART so keep yours in a vault and protect it with all your breath from been broken.

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