Adana was the best youth singer in Jesus is lord Christian church of God. Whenever she sings amongst the other choristers, a number of people usually get immersed in the spirit.

“She was meant for greatness”, so the pastor once said, destiny child she is even though she is not Beyoncé.

Ever imagined how frustrating one’s life could be after SSCE when denied admission thrice and also be the only daughter of the family? Adana would work from dawn till dusk doing house chores and also help her mother take care of her shop as well as the younger ones due to the mother’s health. All these do not please a young, beautiful adolescent  like Adana because  to her, it was summed up to be slavery and maltreatment. 

No one could ever be as happy as Adana on the 21st of November, 2014 when she checked U.I admission portal and realized her name was among the three thousand plus individuals offered provisional admissions into the prestigious premier university to study Social Sciences, even though that was not what she opted in for. She wanted to read Law, but was given Social Sciences because she did not meet up with the cutoff mark of the department. Nonetheless it was better than staying home for another year running errand for her parents, especially her Adolf Hitler father.

“Freedom has never tasted this sweet”, Adana said to herself standing in front of a mirror in her Queens hall room. a room she shared with three other roommates namely; Adaza, Solana, and the self-acclaimed biggest girl in the city; Elaina. No more waking up as early as 5am to take care of house chores and younger brothers or sleeping late around the odd  hour of 12:30am after coming back from mum’s shop in Ikeja.

Man seems to forget easily what they passed through the moment they are slightly encompassed in the cloud of freedom and independence. Adana never smoked at home, but now three packs of cigarette are just for the start, she was not the club type, but now she rocks the VIP in every single club in the city. Years ago, sex to her was a grave sin according to bible study teacher , but now she says, “pussy  no get meter’’.

 Bring a full bottle of vodka and see how she gulps it down her Agbani Darego throat in seconds. Name a lesbian in the town who has never had pleasurable moment with Adana. I guess you were about to call her the same name Tyret once called her; “the good girl gone bad, like Rihana”. Nevertheless rolling with Elaina is more or less like dancing with the devil, and trust me, whoever dances with the devil should know he/she is bound to be stepped on the toe by Mr. Lucifer. Adana was last seen in campus fellowship two years ago, but usually her last seen online never exceeds at most 2 minutes ago, whereas those two minutes when Adana was not online might be the time she has a cock down her throat or taking narcotics like Don Pablo.

If you don’t have a Benz, our dear Adana does not roll with you. If you can’t design her with designers on weekly basis, then you had better stay in your base. Any other liquor apart from Ciroc, Hennessey and other expensive drinks does not cross her majestic VIP table. Little was I surprised when I heard she was going out with big men like senator chief Okanlawon as her sugar daddy as well as dating the top dawg internet fraudster(yahoo boy) like J-billz.  

When money comes, fame follows, then power, and respect. But if care is not taken, pride crowns them all and then downfall chips in. Adana once told Nancy, her best friend in 100 level to fuck off because she advised her to thread gently.

Just like sleeping in the night and waking up the following morning, it is already 5years of Adana on campus, if she could not meet the 3rd class she hoped for last semester, at least Adana graduated with pass grade.

” Hey ogbeni  make una no pity me, but pity your goddamn selves”,  she said to her friends when they were sympathizing with her because of the grade on her certificate, after all I never attended any of those lectures throughout last two sessions like you all did. She thought she could use body to buy marks, but body also failed to pay for the marks during examinations especially in the era of the current VC.


A year later………

What a beautiful Wednesday morning, but Adana woke up on the wrong side of the bed as she started feeling a very intense sharp pain on her lower abdominal part of the body. She was rushed to the Lagos state university teaching hospital that same morning. After series of medical tests and screenings on her by Dr. Christianah, it was made known to her parents that Adana had contacted some STDs few years ago which due to not been properly treated has led to cervical cancer. After further tests, the doctor discovered Adana’s womb has been destroyed due to numerous abortions, likewise, kidney and lung diseases caused by excessive intake of alcohol, hard narcotics and smoking were also diagnosed weeks later.

Kunle was ready to stand with Adana and marry her despite all her health issues; he was even determined to adopt children with her when he heard she had no womb. But not until devil was ready to step on Adana’s toe during their marriage introduction, the both parties got to realize that Adana was once an aristo for kunle’s father, the person of senator chief Okanlawon, the same man who contacted an incurable STD he has been battling with ever since from Adana.

Trust me, nothing ever breaks like heart. Kunle’s life became so pathetic on realizing the demon he was trying to cope with was far worse than the leviathan, and that ended their relationship.

If there is one last wish Adana would have made, it would have been to turn back the hand of the time, but we all know how impossible that is even for the richest man on earth. Adana spent the little opportunity she had to correct her wrong deeds by getting closer to her creator. Till her last breath, she did not let her fingers get weary from writing to the young ones out there nor did she ever shut her mouth from preaching against being covetous, greedy, and watching another man’s time to live. All these and more she was able to do until she answered the call of the reaper on an early Monday morning.

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