Just like a rocket, I sent on a journey, my wishes out of this universe, and back to me, it brought a million and one fulfillment of my long time hope which I will carefully wield into words and craft on the tabula rasa minds of my generations to come.

In my enclosed heart resides a girdled giant been tamed gently inside the four-chamber house by a soft voice from above that keeps whispering hope of better days ahead into the ears of the tamed giant.

“Let the sleeping dragon be woke up”, this on top of my voice I screamed to the guard. “Every champion has his shining time”, so the guard replied. I wish to let the whole universe see the skills of the giant been tamed so far in my closet. It is high time the people witnessed the giant conquering all the warriors of loneliness, hatred and heartbreakers that have been tormenting and waging war against my territory for decades.

Out of the exile precedes my heart. All of a sudden, my wandering heart found a serene lake from afar in a place that seems like an oasis. On my first attempt to take a leap and gulp from this pure and cold lake, I saw a figure coming nigh from distance, it is of no doubt she is an angel. Then I said to myself, “not only in heaven do angel reside”. My heart has never skipped a beat for anyone not even for the beautiful princess of our land, but it skipped ten beats for the Punjabi girl approaching the lake with a calabash on her head to fetch from this lake of love.

Little did I know that not all angels fly around with wings, but all angels give your heart wings to fly away with them. She took away with her, my heart and left me a ravishing smile to fill up the vacuum in my chest.

On my feet was I standing still with my breath totally taken, unable to utter a single word while she walked away with my heart flying with her like a butterfly around flower. On that day, I helplessly watched my tamed heart wildly flew away with the Punjabi girl and that marked the beginning of my love story. Finally, the dude summoned himself to take his first step and he followed the footprints on the sand left behind by the Punjabi girl he found in the oasis.


If I have power to raise the dead, then I will raise Leo da vinci to paint me her picture like Mona lisa, because she has the beauty of the Mocha diva. When she smiles, the 32 sparkling  diamonds in her mouth light up the oasis like sun ray. Her hairs flow behind her like ribbon attached to a flying balloon and silk are never as fluffy as her hair is. I found me the elixir that keeps me growing up younger, everyday I wake

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