Spun Web

Spun Web

Three days.

He had been on the run for three days. They probably won’t come looking for him here, back in his own hometown. It was the last place anyone expected him to be, for the numerous crimes he had committed had earned him quite the bounty on his head. He stopped at an abandoned warehouse and went inside to catch his breath. With his back against the wall and fatigue hitting him like a speed train, he slid down to the ground. The memories, memories of everything that led up to this moment, all came unbidden.

The blood of the pedestrian was all over the front of the car. It was a complete accident: he definitely hadn’t meant to be drunk driving. His friends had put him up to it. He fled the town shortly after.

He shook hands with the gang leader as he was welcomed in to the Brotherhood. It had seemed like a good idea to join them for protection, but as he slowly became privy to their illicit activities, he felt the urgent need to back out.

Unfortunately, he thought wryly, once you’re in, you’re in for life.

Now the gang was out for his blood. How, he thought, did he mange to get himself in these kind of sticky situations? He blinked rapidly in frustration. Now was not the time. He figured he was safe for one night.

Tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow, he will find a way out of this entangled web. 



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