CHIKANKA THE END: Don’t Play With Fire

CHIKANKA THE END: Don't Play With Fire


One day when I was younger my mother told me “My son don’t play with fire” yes she meant what she said and says! Fire may be used to cook and preparation of food, it produces heat, sometimes it melts gold and other minerals but bad luck fire is fire! It burns! It kills! These words had remained partially in my mind for more than 15 years now.

It was in the early March of this year where by those words came to realize my mother’s words. As you know consequences of fire are more dangerous especially when it brings about the chemical change this relates to the consequences of the COVID-19 to our neighbor’s son called Chikanka Malulu. Chikanka as the one and only son of Mr and Mrs Malulu he was living and working in Italy.

Chikanka was a great savior to our society where by he supported us with capital for entrepreneurship activities. For example He helped even me to establish a sports academy that become the source of income to the football young talented players.

When the COVID-19 was getting high in Italy Chikanka was right here in Tanzania where there was a little number affected people. Unfortunately Chikanka forced to go back in Italy while the government has closed its boundaries. He said he must go! No matter what! He have missed his friends! Chikanka didn’t care about the risks on plane, airports he moved without taking measures believing that the virus wasn’t real!

But bad news came after two days of his flight that Chikanka has gone! Chikanka died! Ooh Chikanka a humorous guy used to be a mirror to others he just gone by ignoring the WHO provided measures of preventing against the pandemic.

During his funerals we didn’t even attend to say goodbye to this people’s choice! I used to post him on Facebook to explain how good he was. For real I miss Chikanka simply because he didn’t about the measure instead of that he played with fire!!

All the world needs is to respect the expertise recommendations in order to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic.

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