Sometimes The End Happens Before It Ever Begins

Sometimes The End Happens Before It Ever Begins

You already know how this will end. But I assure you, the story, however brief, will be worth it.

We watched as the sun slowly sauntered across the evening skies, finally resting beneath the clouds.

I could say the same for our hearts. How we wandered the world, earnestly searching for the lost parts of our souls, finding debris and quick fixes for our aching hearts.

Do you remember how lost we were at the time, when our hearts so broken, could barely fill the other’s void. Like broken jigsaw parts, scattered across dank haunted house, it would have been easier to walk away. Who tries to find the needle in haystack when you can buy another pack from the store?

But I think we’ve both learnt over the years, that all needles don’t function the same. Yes, a compass told me so.

Do you remember the fights? Oh, those really silly tantrums and screaming episodes. My ears vibrate as my mind tries to reconstruct those moments.

So long ago it could easily be another life.

Now we’re holding hands, staring into nothing as the sun drifts away. Trading memories of a beautiful life shared. Smiling as our aging minds recall moments, reliving them, seeing them anew.

I remind you of how I dreamt of these moments. How you laughed carefree, and waved my words away as wishful thoughts coloured by boundless affection.

Now I will remind you of how this story, though in its first few pages, has already begun.

These simple, ordinary moments. The uneventful evenings where we wander through simple conversation, albeit unknowingly into each other’s souls.

So many beautiful memories leading to that sunset, waiting to be born out of the spontaneity of happenstance and chance.

You see, we already know how this story ends. My heart told me so. And since we’re merely parts of the same soul, your heart knows it too.

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