How COVID-19 Messed up My Movie Year

How COVID-19 Messed up My Movie Year

My addiction to movies started late 2018. Around that time I had just got my very first smart phone – bought it with my own money – and ever since then I couldn’t stop watching movies. I’d download those I could while there were some that I absolutely had to watch in the cinema. Nothing beats watching a movie in its full cinematic glory. I and a friend of mine, Enyinnaya, would always go watch films together, we were “movie bros”. He even introduced me to numerous movie reviewers from YouTube like Jeremy Jahns, Chris Stuckman etc. Watching those people made me believe I could do the same. And that’s how I started making movie reviews on my own, sharing them with Enyinnaya and exchanging ideas. Man, those were good times. 


Fortunately or unfortunately, going to school obviously put a pause on our movie watching adventures, up until late February 2020. Rumors of a deadly virus spreading fast across the globe. When I heard the news that school would be locked down if the virus reached Nigeria, I was delighted, but I didn’t know that meant EVERYWHERE would be locked down too. Everywhere including cinemas. Hence the virus basically shut down production of many movies. Many movies I was expecting this year like, Black Widow, Wonder Woman 1984, A Quiet Place 2, Antebellum, the list goes on. This dealt a severe blow to Hollywood, because people couldn’t go to the cinemas, due to COVID-19 restrictions. But due to the crisis, streaming services, like Netflix and Amazon became more and more relevant as movie makers seized the opportunity, like the Netflix movie, “Citation” by Kunle Afolayan. Unfortunately due to factors like multiple individuals sharing one account, it wasn’t as effective as the traditional movie experience. When lock down restrictions were relieved, movies resumed production and cinemas were opened – but under strict COVID-19 guidelines. Some movies were completed and released to cinemas like Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” movie (which I haven’t been chanced to watch because I’m broke), while some others are waiting till the coast is clear. 


I enjoy making movie reviews, I admit I prefer some movie genres more, like action, horror and thrillers so I’m more likely to watch those kind of movies compared to others. If I watch a movie or series a few times, I’d make a review for it and give it a 1-10 rating (1 being poor and 10 being amazing), even though I admit I prefer some movie genres more, like action, horror and thrillers but the pandemic did affect the production of movies and by extension my ability to make reviews for them. 

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