Endless power whirl

Endless power whirl

Why art thou put our dreams on hold?
In the hands of hopeless fellows.
With your hands infold, just like you’re in mellow.
You allowed two fellow bodies to keep swinging us like a pendulum,
With our futures dangling back and forth in their endless power whirl.

To start with,
The Federal government whose success only remains on a paper sheet,
With no feasible plans and actions to bring it into reality.
Has not only shown us that they care less about our future destinations,
But also revealed how less concerned they feel for our generation.
We’ve seen a fellow at the helm of affairs Advising our educators to diversify into agriculture,
Since food is the only necessity in our culture
And education is of less importancešŸ¤”.
Well, Thank you for making us sit at home
Idle for days, months and almost running to a year,
Just like you’ve been doing at the helm of state affairs for years.

The continued media rounds and endless meetings keep giving us unfruitful hopes.
Which have successfully prevented many from moving on in fear of,
What if we resume tomorrow?
So saddened that the …morrow has not come into fruition till this point in time.
We counted over two hundred and sixty days without any sign of stopping anytime soon.

Away from the legitimacy of industrial actions and media charades.
ASUU keeps using the same tool to clamour for change,
Even though it has proven over the years that it can only bring success to a gauge.
Yet, the same set of fellows keep ringing it in our ears
“That doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result is a sign of insanity.”

Can we then say our great sages are insane?
Our hopes are in nothing but shackles and chains.
So we must stand up and fight to break free.
We are indeed the “soro soke” generation And we shouldn’t be mute on this.
It is high time we started talking, #EnoughisEnough!
They must #EndASUUStrikeNow

Mustapha Lawal (Muslaw) is an occasional writer who explores all genres of life as his inner spirit wills, guides, and directs him. He is a voracious reader who is always in constant search for knowledge and unraveling the thinking behind the mysteries of the world. He tweets @muslaw026 and receives emails on lawalmustapha1000@gmail.com.

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