‘Sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war’ (Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur). Once you fail to prepare then, you are preparing to fail. The World of today has been in constant motion since its inception, therefore, anybody that is willing to come into it must be adequately prepared, equipped and well nurtured with the necessary skills needed for survival. If all hands aren’t on deck to ensure that all things are put in place before a man heads into the World, it’s of no doubt that the life of such man will most likely be in shambles.

            The big question here is WHO ARE TO TRAIN, EQUIP AND NURTURE the upcoming generations. Is it the corrupt leaders of today or the ill-mannered parents or the morally degraded teachers or the mannerless society? The value of the society today has been eroded and even the little ones who seem to be on the right track as far as right manners and values are concerned are been stratified and categorized as the societal odds. We have allowed the philosophy of “If you can’t beat them, join them” to overwhelm our hearts that even when those we cannot beat are perpetrating evil, we are still advised to join.  Unless we change our ways, I doubt whether we did be able to face the reality of what the upcoming generations will be like.

            No one is born great, not even the World greatest men, they are growing great as the seed of greatness resides in everyone which when well-cultivated will surely germinate and manifest in the life of man. The tools needed for the well and adequate of these seeds of greatness include hard work, commitment, dedication, persistence, broadmindedness, courage and most importantly inculcation of right and healthy values. Life is all we made it; as we are the architect of our own World.  

Rule Your World With Healthy Values!

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