Do you know the richest place on earth? You might probably be thinking of the United of America (U.S.A), or the United Kingdom, or Great Britain, or China or Saudi Arabia?, or Japan? or Germany?… Hmm! No! Those places you are thinking of right now are not anywhere near the richest place on earth.

            The richest place on earth is the “GRAVEYARD’ How???, the graveyard is the richest place on earth because it is the only place on earth that holds millions of people who have beautiful ideas and visions that would have ended the suffering of many generations. The moment these people die, they are been taken to the graveyard where these ideas, visions, creativity, and innovations in them would no longer be useful or relevant. Let us think of several world inventors that had died after they had only given us a bit, of what they would have invented if not for their death, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Neil Bohr and lots of others. If the ideas, visions, creativity, and innovation of these people were to be of any relevance in the graveyard, I bet it, we all be willing to go to the graveyard and but it is of the no relevance or usefulness.

            “I am not writing these to blame God for having us to die but I’m writing this to ask you and myself that what are the ideas or visions that you are having that you are yet to utilize or make use of? God painstakingly invested so much in man and He is expecting a result, but we (men) fail many times. God desires to make man great and He has given him all it takes to be great. ‘Every great man has reasons for his success while failures have excuses’. Must you also die with those ideas and visions that could end the suffering of many generations and leave the generation to continue suffering?

            As a scholar once said, “a living thing is distinguished from a dead thing by the multiplicity of the changes that are taking place in it at any moment in times? What distinguishes you and me from those ones that had died is the changes that we that are living are making in this world, the moment we are not working to make any changes in the status quo of the world then we are not better off those ones that had died. No man will ever admit of being “useless” but ask yourself; what is my usefulness in this world? “Am I making any positive or negative impact on this world?” If negative, why should it be negative and not otherwise…? Everyone wants to be great but are we all working to be great? Greatness in life is not accidental; it is deliberately achieved. Greatness does not just happen; it is made to happen. As Mario Puzo once said, “Great men are not born great they grow great… Every man carries the seed of greatness, Creativity is needed to activate and turn the seed to useful products.


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