I grew up in love with my mother, her sweetness is simply beyond this world but my father, who’s quite frankly, nothing to write home about. The constant bringing of sluts to the house, oh!! Pardon me, “professional sex workers” is what he called them, he’d say “his investing in his happiness and each time mother rose a brow, he’d pluck it.


My mother’s matrimonial bed became a business centre for sex workers, for Stella in particular. She had a nice shape no doubt but her beauty was nothing compared to mom’s but Dad failed to realise that the little weight mom added is the sacrifice of motherhood and marriage. Our birth changed her shape, I’m the eldest of seven children and my youngest sister our last born is just nine years younger than me, please do the mathematics.


Her body had no time to recover and so she added weight but Dad failed to remember. The constant fights and banging of heads on the wall finally led to mother’s death. I still talk about her in the present because she’s still very alive in all our hearts. Her advice keeps pushing us on and we’ve grown into responsible adults.


Father left us for death after mom’s demise but mom remained by our sides even in death she stayed alive for us. Stella has now lost shape and last I checked, she’s doing worse. My Father is a beast but my mom is the angel that has kept us striving this far, for her sake we fought to live and we survived, we really never gave up.

©2022 Lah Rie

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