Covid-19 hit as sent everybody freaked out. schools were closed, bars and other social din’s operation came into a halt and so does faith institutions. Family resilience was much tested to this pandemic in regard to its lifestyle and relationship. My neighbor whom i will not mention suggested that covid-19 pandemic was a disease from the urban community and the rich class. Today the effects are more detrimental to everyone. It started with a one meter distance from each other. Then curfew was imposed which means everyone was to adjust his/her clock. Apparently covid-19 spared much time to the family members who would wake up at down and report back to the house at 8 in the evening.

This nightmare had an adverse effects much worse to our young boys and girls. Well one research suggested that the covid-19 pandemic will affect more elderly age than the teenage. But on the other hand, these generation ‘ Z’ is becoming washed away due to the moral decadence that the pandemic has yet again established. 

When schools were closed down and all the school going children were at home, it is not that they actually stayed at home rather they were all over in the streets. What started as early morning exercise to this young generation turned to be the an in initiation stage for adulthood. And as a result, it is now evident that the number of school going children especially girls will drop immensely due to early pregnancies. Yet again, mothers are caring the blame from their husbands, but ”why did the dog bit the cat” shall we blame the schools which were closed due to the pandemic? Do we blame mothers and not fathers, or uncles, or whoever is next of kin.

However, all is not lost and the grass is still greener on the side of the fence. We should see our youth as the potential and the resource we have which we should harness appropriately rather the blame fight. This is the time to talk to our boys and girls the truth of premature sex, the indecent tone we have been avoiding and not beating about the bush to address early and premature pregnancies to our future generation. 

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