Is covid-19 changing our lifestyle and relationship ? Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped our personal and social relationships in an unusual ways forcing us to live far apart from others.Life in lockdown has necessitate close constant contact with our families but social distance measures have isolated us from our friends and wider communities. Covid-19 change our lifestyle and relationship in different ways such as our eating habits, our style of dressing and our close contact with friends and family.

First if all, change in our eating habits. The Covid-19 pandemic has transformand continues to transform and effect the daily vlives of communities and worldwide particularly due to the lockdown restrictions. During lockdown in the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in the world especially people from Africa hardly gets food to feed on making them skip some parts of their meals per a day. Knowing very well that most Africans rely on thier agriculture to get food therefore work as famers. The lockdown making it impossible to get food and the little food kept for other days gets finished as the days of the lockdown are prolonged. Eating a heathy diet us important during this Covid-19 pandemic and therefore what we eat and drink can affect our bodies ability to prevent, fight and recover from this disease. Even though Covid-19 has chang our eating habits in taking lesser meals during lockdown but enable us to take in diet that will boost our immune system. The need to eat a heathy diet is very important since our body needs the nutrients,to be able to prevent it at least protect us in way against the pandemic. Covid-19 pandemic has had an effect on our eating habit in not eating up to three square meals a day during the lockdown. Covid-19 has chang our feeding lifestyle.

Furthermore, the change in our dressing code. The Covid-19 having it’s way of contracting the disease through body contact. Now that everybody needs to  wear a nose mask eveeywhere if they are going out if the house. We could barely remove our nose mask or face mask in public being scared of someone might show symptoms of Covid-19.Our sense of fashion has become a little bit higher since people now wear nose mask matching their outfits, now face mask is added to our dressing list. Now purchasing clothes is now a problem for us, both online and the ones near us. People afraid of the pandemic don’t order online again especially from countries with populated number of people with Covid-19.

In Conclusion, the distant from friends and family. This Covid -19 pandemic has changed a lot in our everyday life as in how we contact our friends and family. Now we cannot during the lockdown and even though after the lockdown we can still meet but cannot behave like earlier before the pandemic. Some people’s lifestyle relating on how they communicate with their close ones will be difficult for them, since they prefer to be close before chatting rather than using the mobile phones. Covid-19 has changed a lot in our c communication system. Even in our schools, when someone can go to another for help, but now cannot because everyone is afraid of contracting the disease, and this will make some students perform poorly in their academics. Although people now do online studies, it is much better if they come in contact to do that since some students gets better understanding from contacting their friends and teachers after the lesson rather than during the lesson. Our communication lifestyle with friends and family had changed.

 Conclusion, seeing what Covid-19 has impacted in our day-to-day lives has really changed it our lifestyle and relationship.Our eating lifestyle, dressing lifestyle and our relationship wihw friends and family had changed due to the novel Covid-19 pandemic.


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