‘As this rate, you will shatter the glass with your eyes’, he said and she was jolted back to reality. Tosin blinked. She didnt know when she drifted into her thoughts and remained there, staring at her  glass of red wine.
‘Are you okay, Tosin?’, he asked, genuine concern in his voice.
She gave a nervous laugh and said, ‘I’m okay…just woolgathering’. She raised her glass to her lips and emptied its contents. She wished it was something stronger, like tequila or vodka. That always hit the spot in times like this. She always thought wine was for those with low alcohol tolerance. If you cant handle it, don’t take it on. That was her motto.     

‘That was more than woolgathering, Tosin. You have been staring mindlessly at that glass for 10 minutes. I could almost swear that it moved. What’s wrong? Come on, tell me.’ He placed his hand over hers, drawing closer.
It took all her power not to grab her hand as quickly as possible.
‘I’m fine, really’, she laughed again. He wasnt convinced, but he decided not to push her any further.

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