Our women, our pride!

Our women, our pride!



The girl shall always be

The mother of the man.

Just take a moment to have a refuel of your cup,
Rather than sipping emptiness from foolishness.

For months,
You lived in her couch.
For years,
You rested on her back.
She never raped you of your soul.
Instead, she sought every nook and cranny of the world,
Regardless of the ills, just to succour you.

If such a lass had been ripped off in her tender years,
How would she had driven you here for the savour of life.

Handle her with care.
As she is meant to be spared
Even at the face of spare.

As a sage once uttered;
And if the tender plants are stripped off their joy in the springing day;
By sorrow or Care’s dismay’.
How shall the summer fruits appear?

She never chose to be her.
She was only lucky!

#Rape is not justifiable


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