If I could change the hands of time…
If you could change the hands of time, what would you do? Is there a moment of your life that you’d want to re-visit? Re-live it? Is there a memory you’d forever want to live in? Go back to it and freeze it? Would you rather omit a thing or two, or remove yourself from particular times? Would you like to change the past or would you prefer to visit the future, see what prospects tomorrow plans to bring your way? Would you erase memories, or trip expected happenings? Would you ‘un-meet’ people? Lovers? Neighbors? Would you entwine your fate’s threads with those of different people; weave new paths, for yourself, to traverse in the days to come?
If you could, would you rather go back to the beginning of time? Would you rather stay where you are at right now or skip over to the end of what we know now? Would you be a different person? Choose a different day to be born? Year perhaps? Would you trade your personality, your likes, and dislikes for an entire new slate?
Would you make everything that is, void; and create in its place, a fresh and blank canvas to paint new abstracts, murals, portraits… would you change the world or yourself? Would you make different choices, have new perspectives; visions; goals? Would you do better?
Now, if I could change the hands of time, I wouldn’t know what to do at all. I would not be able to decipher whether what I’ve got on my shoulders is a gift or a burden. I sure would think of changing a thing or two in the bygone but would it be worth it? How is it likely to change whom I am now, or whom I am to become? so many questions plague me. Will it alter my present in the negative or positive? Yes, there are so many things I’d want different but wouldn’t that just mean beginning an entirely new and strange journey?
I mean, if I cannot finish my current journey, what is the guarantee that I will be able to see a new one through to its end? What really would be the point of leaving this particular thread half wound just so I can start on another?
Maybe it could be that I’m just scared of the unfamiliar.; the ‘too unknown’, but really; if there wasn’t a point of finishing this voyage; totally no gain in both the foreseeable and unpredictable future, I wouldn’t mind charting a different path in new waters. I would give it my all; maybe even more than I have been able to give my so far.
Evidently, this points out the daring fact that I have to start giving everything my best shot so I don’t have to want to unwind the hands of time, or wind them. I’ve got to be content with my now… but are we really ever?
So now we’re right back at the beginning of this. If you could change the hands of time, what would you do?


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  1. If I could change the hands of time, I could definitely change the fact that I didn’t find this masterpiece sooner

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