I don’t know about you but let me indulge you for a little bit.
What do you think if we made love? A different kind of love…
I don’t want the proper kind dressed up like a lady in the company of a gentleman, coyly enjoying a picnic under the cooling shade of a cypress tree, in the company of a patronizing eye. No!
Let’s throw away this pretense of meekness out of the window, without forgetting these garbs of modesty we have been taught to forever adorn ourselves in.
I don’t know about you but how about we pull, push, rip… Shred all these garments inhibiting our primal desires into bits.
Let’s expose ourselves in the glaring lamp light; perfections and imperfections laid bare to each other’s hungry stare.
I can’t tell whether you are scared yet but how about we take it up a notch from here?
Scratch, nip, bite. I want to see blood, so draw it in torrents. Just let it mingle with the sweat from your brows, don’t wipe it off. I want to feel the sting of salty in my eyes, the taste of tangy on the pink tip of my hungry tongue.
How about you don’t cower from my touch? Let me explore, not just skim over and in my wake leave skipped parts lusting after my attention still. No! Let me lick, kiss and suck… Leave no skin unmarred, untouched.
There is no need for formalities and order. Let our limbs entwine. No need for a practiced routine; just throw up your hands and dance with me in abandon. Jump, skip, twirl. Just let go and flow with the frequencies of the music we make.
Can you imagine the melodies? The tunes of our heartbeats, our sharp inhales and exhales. Fast, upbeat and rejuvenating.
I don’t know about you but I don’t want to hold you; No! Grip, clutch, fist… Every part your fingers can find as we jump of the cliff together. No! I can’t fall alone when I know I want you with me.
We both know the landing might not be as sure and steady but we shall definitely be lying prone on the surfaces soaked through, our nakedness damp and our energies spent in droves.
I don’t really know about you so I beseech you to indulge me too; Don’t you think it would be quite a thrill?
I know you crave for the soulful experience of forbidden heaven; So how about you dare yourself to have a taste before the table is set?

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