The Dilemma of the End

The Dilemma of the End

As writers, we are sometimes faced with the challenge of how to end our stories. Writing could be a well-planned process with an already well-defined end, but it is also a journey, and all journeys are unpredictable. Once we give life to our characters, they become just as human as us. We might think we control them, but sometimes we are just surprised by how they control us. We discover that what we planned before the writing journey could drastically change as a result of characters’ interactions. We should not be scared of change during the writing process. Being headstrong and sticking to the plan against all odds could make us not listen to what the characters have to say. This gets us into a dilemma. It becomes difficult to choose the right path to take. We might ask ourselves questions like: Should this character die? How do I end this story? Sad or happy end? The answers to these questions lies in how much we listen to the characters we create and the motif of our writing. We have to understand that all stories have to end , but these endings should also begin something new in the reader. Readers are mostly influenced by how the story ends. The choice could be sometimes be difficult, but the perfect end could simply be the beginning of something new in the reader.

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