The fool i am

The fool i am

I use to say, my smile is my weapon. But i never try to creep in, into the world of my own words. The tragedy of what i saw, has vanished what i thought. In all times, all days. I felt that am a great loser. But yet, i never  lost to any single of the challenges that i faced. My first year at university has been a moonlight to me.

Though, i was raised in a poor background of education. Where my words cracked and duels between my mind. Fear or scared to talk, they would laugh at me. All these Has created a profound or huge impact that always allowed the cry in my heart to be tears from eyes.

“What am i up to? I never know.”

“What am I ready to do? I never thought.”

I found it arduous, to savvy my own problems. All what i know and learned puzzled my thinking and my imagination.

So i woke up, one day. And sat on a bench staring and peeping onto some words that was written on a signed board. Which said “Fools failed before. Fools made it today” it’s an understatement to me. Why fools failed before and fools made it today. It outgrew my thinking and my thought. But delighted me with courage and 

From that on. From that statement. Everything grew faster and quicker. And allowed me to mellowed with myself and my mystery yet to come.

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