First kiss

First kiss

🎵In the Jungle
The mighty Jungle
The Lion Sleeps Tonight🎵

I’ve been listening to this song since last night😣 and my heart has been going Wemoweh🤷‍♀️

Anyways😁 it’s a very nice song i sing it to calm my head nerves.

It’s a beautiful new Mondicious day
It’s Monday the beginning of a new week😉

You see that frown on your face??

Throw it out and have that beautiful smile to the day😊.


I have decided to talk about something🐵very emm..spicy ill say or not😂
But then its sha my gist sha

So sit down tight and watch me use my hands tell the story of my lips😄💋

To my Beautiful and Handsome readers,How did you imagine your first kiss would be??

All those butterfly kinni abi??
With your feeling all so hot,cold at the same time??

Lemme tell you how i imagined mine.

I imagined that when i was gonna have my first kiss,my brain would be suspended😣,my body will feel carried into the air,it was gonna be magical.
He would hold me so tight.

😭😭😭Film had spoilt our head🤧

But it’s not as if this is impossible oo

But i mean 😂when you get your first kiss at a very young age what do you expect.

So my first kiss.


I’m remembering it and I’m just laughing 😂😂

First thing it wasnt with Tegha🙄 and this guy wasn’t my boyfriend either😃

I didn’t have any until Tegha so I’m sure you know the kind of thing that relationship was.

You know the Set Awon I like like you 😂and there’s a high level of hypertension,misunderstanding and fights.

May we not die because of feelings 😣

My playlist just played NEED YOU By Fireboy😣😍😍

Back to my story ooo.

What am i supposed to say now oo

Okay yeah the kiss abi.

I’ll start.

So this day,me and my like like guy Segun.

Segun is a tall guy,dark in complexion,he was fine😌had this perfectly shaped eyebrow.

My own that is scattered about.Thank God for blade and brush.

He has a muscle for an arm that deceives people


koni strength kankan


Have you seen SARCASM??
He’s a walking Sarcastic Beast.

Thank God i was a happy child 😂😂

That reminds me,someone once asked why do girls always like bad boys??

So now im asking you😁


So this Sunny Thursday Afternoon

We were both heading back from a formal function that we attended from lesson.

I was still lets say 15,so it was a lesson during GCE time.

So our lesson had this talk program always held for youths once a that’s where we were coming from.

We live quite a large distant apart,but mine comes first so he always sees me off home before going to his.

This day,he stopped to come in for a glass of water.So we just decided to sit down and talk.

My parents were at home😂

As we were talking,we were the only one sitting together.

I just felt something tell me at the back of my head


And just like that Gbam.
I felt his lips touch mine.

It was soooo wierd😂😂
I sat still for a while
Wondering what was happening.

My head just started…

Was i supposed to kiss back??
What was i to do??
In film people close eyes abi??

I closed mine…okay lets see what happens

My mind was working by itself.

I mean you know at the moment when you think your brain will suspend and then No ooo what is coming to your mind is

Okay,he is kissing me….
How does my mouth taste.
Sheybi it’s supposed to be sweet??
Why can’t i taste anything 😝🙊

My heart wasn’t racing
I didn’t feel butterflies 😭😭

I remember shouting myself in the head


But then…Mbok!

I donno what Mbok means oo😂😂but i just like it.

Nothing came🤧

I was na like okay,maybe because i wasn’t kissing him back.

I tried to look has professional as i could ooo
But i ended up biting his lips earning stupid smirks in return


When i sha got myself oo and i was kissing back,
It felt…..






I mean my mind was soo active i could have started solving maths.

His phone just rang

The End😂😂

I sat down replaying everything in my head and wondering what we were gonna say next or talk about it😂😂

If it’s feels wierd abeg just enjoy the moment and feel of weirdness.

We both burst out laughing.

He was the expert 😄

But we never spoke about it.
That was the last time we ever saw.

So my First kiss was a goodbye kiss from one of my numerous “I Like Like You” Set.

He didn’t travel😂
He’s not dead😊

But then you know those magical feelings behind a kiss does exist.

It might not be with the first kiss.

But when it does happen you know that the person you shared it with is the HIM/HER.

That’s why all our fairytale stories,the description of their Kiss is always when they find true love.

Don’t go and be kissing about oo😂😂

Kisses Here
Kisses There
It’s a kissing Flare

Thank you soo much for joining Sandra TODAY😁😍


Pls do not forget to like,comment and share😍

Thank you very much 😁

🥂To a new week


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