Growing Up

Growing Up

Sitting here,nothing but an old soul
Withering away with nothing but memories that brings smile and tears.
Sitting in a chair away from the view.
I’m back a babe in the arms of my mother.The only time everyone would agree it was all easy.
Now I laugh at our thoughts.
The pains started right from then,
From the first tooth to the first step.
To the times of school.
Nothing seemed easy then
But it was like nature had a way of soothing the pain with the euphoric heart.
But the older we grew the more the pain.
Countless weights of responsibilities,decisions,choices.
Gone were the days when every friends arm was home.
Now friendship is nothing different from a castle built on sand.
Then life hits you too…your initial dream is faced with reality and with hurt and sadness you tell yourself “I’ll surely get there let’s just face what’s on ground” you tell your self that till your dream changes course.
Now your emotions hit,you fall in and out of love ,luckily for you,you get just your perfect soul mate.But the married life isnt all bed roses.
Now parenting..Sighs…You now live for your children…Now your dreams are finally in a long hold.
You watch them grow till they are able to fly with thier wings.Now no children to watch over You and your spouse are all alone again. Time to face the dream??
Old age then sets in leaving you with nothing but a grey hair and wrinkles.
Now you sit withering away with the pains of unaccomplishment but the smiles of the happiness the journey brought.


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