If tommorow never comes:Pain of Guilt

If tommorow never comes:Pain of Guilt

A bubbling party hosted to flaunt the love story between Nonso and Adaeze.The love atory that began 3 years ago.
With every on their trail asking for advices..Adaeze was the envy of every single lady and every man wanted to be Nonso.Even his best friend Bayo was struck in the jealousy and determined to do anything.The jealousy of his friend being whipped and madly in love. Soon to forget him cause of a woman. He had to do something and fast. Nonso held Adaeze like the queen that she was or so he did.

3 days earlier..
Nonso,I told you this girl is a liar.Bayo claimed.
She isn’t a virgin she’s a cheap slut,A prostitute that’s what she is. She took you for a fool.look at her in the video,see her in the arms of another man panting with pleasure and she claims to be pure…How pathetic Bayo said fuelling the anger that burned deep inside of Nonso.
He was going to make her pay.She was gonna pay for deceiving her.Nonso was hurt and yet angry.All these years he said ,she played me for a fool,took me for granted.
Looking at the video on play he squeezed his fist determined to make her pay.

Present day(party)
After the whole party had ended.. Nonso took Adaeze to the bedroom.unknowingly to her this night had been a facade and the worst was yet to come.
Who new I a little bit of anger,mixed with alcohol seasoned with hurt and laced with lust could turn a man into a beast.
Pulling her into a kiss,he kissed with hunger and anger..taking her roughly by the arms lifting her to the bed he straddles her.
Nonso what are you doing?She asked in shock
He ripped her pants off of her.
Nonso you said you’ll wait,Adaeze cried in pains and with that he slapped her,called her a whore and raped her.
Adaeze screamed for help but none came. little did she know that all that had happened was witnessed a soul..The devil himself.

And in pains Adaeze left his house feeling disgust and Anger and decided to take justice.
She seeked legal justice but found none afterall…they were lovers all sweet and cuddly even till the day she claimed she was raped.

Sandra that’s a nice job you did here,you looked exactly like her I was beginning to think she as the one.
Sandra I need you to do a job for me..
A very clean one.
I need a video of you doing the deed you know with a random man.But is it possible to have the face of another person as you?? Bayo asked
It would cost you alot ooo,Sandra said while chewing gum
No problem he said with a sly grin.
But Bayo isn’t this the girl that accused her boyfriend of rape??
What is your bussiness,Bayo snapped.
No na she said laughing,so oga Bayo,Your plan work true ooo.
Yes it did,I didn’t expect him to rape her,who knew he had it in him,he said between his smiles and with that he left.
Sandra was feeling uncomfortable and decided to confide in her friend Mama oshofo.a woman in her late 80’s.
Sandra told her everything and asked or her advice.
Sandra you should go tell them the truth,mama oshofo advised.And you should do it soon my dear.The lady in question doesn’t seem to have recovered from this.
I don’t think I can do it ma,they’ll hate me or even kill me.
What if tommorow never comes and you are unable to say sorry or reveal the truth before it’s too late.

Later that night,
Adaeze was faced with disgust for herself.She had no family to fun too.the last of her pride was taken away from her.No one believes her.Nonso raped her..many times she had tried to commit suicide and it was like the angel of death kept missing it’s way.She seen as nothing but cheap and a dirt.Here came the names that brought more insults.
I’m tired she screamed..and broke down in tears.Slitting her wrist,she stables herself in the bathtub..”Maybe it’ll work this time”she told herself.

The next day…

And with a determined mind Sandra stood up went to Nonso’s place and confessed it all.
Quickly they both left to Adaeze place but the sight they saw wasn’t prepared for.
Paramedics carrying out the dead body of Adaeze,she looked so sad even in death.
The guilt is gonna be with us forever in sure of it Sandra said in between sobs and the words of mama oshofo rang in her mind.
“If tommorow never comes”,Never delay to say sorry of you are wrong cos you really don’t know if tommorow will ever come.


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