Call it wierd,I call it respect
It was yesterday but not our yesterday
it was a day for our forefathers
A supposed day of celebration, but all we have in our hearts to give is nothing close to jubilation.

But why drop our mourning anthems on a sacred day.
If not respecting the present,respect the past and the land, the blood of humans that dripped this soil.

They died for our freedom
They planned the best freedom
But they forgot that freedom actually starts from within.
They made one great mistake that put our independent ride on a in-DEPENDENT one
But who are we to blame them they paid for it.

Why are we still crying
it’s been soo long.
It’s been 60 years long.

And all those that have driven us through have taught us not what we must do to actually be free,only tolerance.

Tolerance to endure what has been brought upon us and with this we see nothing but filth in our Giant of Africa.

We must unite, that’s the only thing called independence,our oneness in love
And maybe just maybe we can make them smile in their graves.

Let us make the dead souls of the innocent ones leap for joy.
Let us make the coming generation have a place to finally call home.
Let us have that great independence we’ve never had.
Let us hold on till we build our dream,their dream.
Let us one day be proud to raise the flag,and stand up with our heads held high and say


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